The Right Way to Link – By Liz Donehue

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When I first heard about LinkedIn, I was fairly skeptical. A professional social media experience? Who would want such a thing? Turns out thousands of people. Millions, even. 300 million, to be exact. What separates LinkedIn from the rest of the social media platform pack is its professional-centric design and features. Available in 20 different [...]

Coordinating Marketing and Sales Efforts

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Developing a large list of qualified leads is essential and it goes without saying that the more leads you have the better chance you have of gaining sales. However, it is also important to note that more leads do not always guarantee a company is optimizing their efforts and doing so may be wasting valuable [...]

Warning: Don’t Make These 6 Moronic Marketing Mistakes

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Ahhh marketing... Some view it as a necessary evil, and others realize it's your way of communicating with your target customer and meeting their legitimate needs. But what you don't want to do is make a devastating marketing mistake. A simple blunder unleashes a slew of awful PR that takes months or years to cover [...]

Are your testimonials doing more harm than good?

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Testimonials can amplify your value proposition ten-fold; a person speaking directly about your brand and your product provides a source of assurance and experience to your target market. But is there a right and wrong way to feature testimonials in your creative and your website? The best testimonials come from clients and customers who experienced [...]

Use Social media for bringing traffic

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Social media is a great source to drive traffic for your business. Many businesses are using social media for bringing traffic to their websites, and to their sales teams. It is important to create trackable and targeted social media engagement campaigns. This will increase the chances of adding more Use Social media for bringing [...]

Measuring social media contest success

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Today, many businesses are involved in social media contests and, thus, it is imperative to define what “success” looks like? So, measuring social media contest success is important and the first step should always be asking “what are we trying to accomplish?”  The goals most often associated with social media activities are branding-related, not strictly [...]

Social Media Can Help With Critical Aspects of Your Company

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There is confusion around social media for many companies, since many business teams are uneducated and do not know how social media can help their company with the most critical aspects of sales and marketing as well as HR and customer support. Social Media Can Help With Critical Aspects of Your Company This [...]

Social Media Correlates to Business Growth

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Social media has become a powerful tool, that any business owner can use to engage its customers, convert them into sales and drive revenue growth. Social Media Correlates to Business Growth. The problem is that still many small business owners find themselves confused about how to use it in their favor. Steven D. Strauss, small business [...]

How to best create LinkedIn profiles?

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Most people find it difficult to best create a LinkedIn profile? LinkedIn has become a very popular social media activity for most small and medium sized companies. According to a survey up to 58% of SMEs are actively using LinkedIn to promote their business. LinkedIn is being used to connect with prospective clients, announce new product [...]

Online Reputation Management Tactics That Help with Web Optimization?

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The short answer to the question "Online Reputation Management Tactics That Help with Web Optimization" is Yes, online reputation management tactics help with web optimization. There is a buzz word of reputation management in the online world, which is basically the understanding and influencing of an individual's or business's reputation on the World Wide Web. [...]