38103204_MEmail has proven itself over and over as one of the most effective ways to reach a target audience. While cold calling has been around forever and social media generates headlines, email continues to be the lone soldier constantly answering the call when businesses need hot leads fast. So many businesses turn to email lead generation simply because it works.

Both consumers and businesses are familiar with email as a necessary form of communication, which makes utilizing them in your marketing efforts more important than ever. Still, there are specific techniques that must be employed to get the most out of your email marketing efforts. Gone are the days when one could buy a lead generation email list, load it into a CRM and just blast away. Today’s email lead generation techniques require opt-ins, lists of leads and prospects.

Why email lead generation is the undisputed workhorse of the industry

Consider this: A 2015 survey revealed that a whopping 72% of all adults in the United States prefer to receive communications from a company through email. This is what makes lead generation through email marketing so vital.

But when we talk about lead generation through email, it is important to clarify the definition of a lead. A lead is anyone, whether business or consumer, who has a bit of curiosity surrounding what your business offers. It is important that this curiosity is nurtured into full-on interest. To accomplish this at scale, email marketing is your best bet.

To see success, it is important that the individuals you target are reached at different stages of the buying cycle. You also want to ensure you are reaching them with relevant, actionable information that is both non-invasive and holds their interest. Take the stress out of figuring out how to accomplish this by employing companies like ours to do it for you.

How we demonstrate actionable results through lead generation

Here at Prospectr Marketing, we build out email marketing “tracks” utilizing proprietary systems. These represent a library of emails sent to a specific prospect. It can also be defined further by targeting distinct areas of interest.

For example, a marketing manager for an IT consulting operation might need a specific set of email “tracks” to target individuals within certain corporate segments. These could be technical buyers, financial buyers or the individual who you are directly trying to sell the product or service to.

Our services allow us to create and schedule these emails well in advance. We do the leg work and help you craft a message that cuts through the noise and turns cold leads hot. Once your “tracks” are built out, we can adjust who is placed into the email streams whether manually or using specific triggers.

Effective email marketing design

What sets us apart from others in our field is our ability to craft email lead generation campaigns utilizing essential fundamentals of effective email communication. Whether it be through an effective subject line that is both catchy and succinct or clean design that eliminates white space or unnecessary words, we know what it takes to catch your lead and reel them in.

Beyond engaging content, it is important that a valuable offer is combined with a compelling call to action. All of the elements of an effective email lead generation campaign come together to bring leads in through the door.

Here at Prospectr Marketing, we have case study after case study proving the effectiveness of our methods. Want to learn more about how we can help you enhance your email lead generation efforts? Contact us today. Let’s make some lead generation magic happen.