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Our Value

It is our mission to provide our business partners with an affordable sales solution that reflects growth to their bottom lines.

We would venture to guess if you’re reading this, you’re thinking that there has to be an easier way, or at least a more effective way to grow your bottom line. Perhaps it might be accomplished by hiring the “right person” who possesses the drive and ability to fill the sales funnel with qualified leads and who can develop the processes that actually measure conversion and deliver return-on-investment.

Perhaps the right Marketing Automation Specialist, whose salary will typically range anywhere from $65K–$100K+ per year, will be your magic bullet. But don’t forget those data purchasing costs, including cleaning and refreshing, that can easily add another $10K per month–and we haven’t even mentioned technology and additional personnel costs. You get the idea. We think, you have rolled that dice before and this time, you prefer a win-win strategy.

We deliver Prospectr Predictable Revenue resulting in qualified leads and with Best Practice Follow-Up by our clients, we SUCCEED together. It’s our win-win mode of operation. Your cost with Prospectr will range from $18K for a 6-month term to $30K for a 12-month term plus commission on business closed from Prospectr leads. So if you’re excited about the value we offer, enabling you to focus your in-house sales energy on closing new accounts—while we help grow your bottom line—we should talk. Simply fill in your information below and we will be in touch with more information.

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More About Us?

At Prospectr, we are excited to work with clients, our business partners, who not only want to grow their businesses but who intentionally drive a stake in the ground and declare, “It will be so!” We deliver Prospectr Predictable Revenue resulting in qualified leads, and with Best Practice Follow-Up by our clients, we SUCCEED together.
It is our mission to provide our business partners with a sales solution, affordable to all companies, that reflects growth to their bottom lines.
Values we hold true in our company and in all dealings with our business partners and their target markets:





We strive on a daily basis to help our partners grow their businesses by providing their sales teams with qualified business leads. Only when our partners declare Success, do we declare Success!
“Business owners juggle many balls and wear many hats, and some of those hats fit better than others. For us, our marketing “hat” was a bit of a struggle, so we turned to Prospectr for assistance. We have been fortunate to work with Rachel Bell during our tenure with Prospectr, and she has brought us a level of expertise and insight that we value. We hope you are fortunate enough to work with Rachel because she will bring you a high level of professionalism packaged in a great personality with a true team spirit!”
Sue Hays Barr, Owner, Kite Disc 24/7
“Ryan is diligent in his work with my team here at Ashcom Technologies. I can affirm that his team has integrity and pride in the quality of their work. They are accountable to their success and they follow thru on campaign goals. Your company reminds me of our company, very personal and family based. I would recommend you to anyone”
Amy Good, Director of Operations
My team at Prospectr: Dan, Travis and Tera have integrity and are working hard for me. They have uncovered profitable opportunities that I would never have uncovered without them. This campaign has started to create a new revenue stream I would not have had without their efforts. I look forward to a long term working relationship with Prospectr.
Robert Drexler, President
“The Prospectr Team has surely shown how much they care about the success of our campaign. You have provided many great opportunities for business growth. I have no problem whatsoever validating the professionalism, effort & customer service across the board. You & Ryan have been great to work with. Your company is honest & you do act in the interest of partnership. That’s a rare commodity today.”
Scott Kubec, General Manager, System4 USA Chicago
“I just want to say that we have been blown away with the quantity of leads over the past 4 months. We are considering pausing our campaign because we cannot handle this level of interest. We never expected the campaign to be this successful and I can say we will be partners with Prospectr for a long time.”
Bruce Bennett, CEO, Star 360
“Prospectr delivered 1,300 developed leads to us and the closing rate has been running 12% over the course of 22 months. We’ve been pleased with the integrity and work ethic of their team.”
Connie Comeau, COO, The ADS Group
“Prospectr demand generation has made it possible for me to stay in business. They have helped me replace a 75% drop in business and grow 20% beyond that.”
Brad Smith, Owner, Braelyn, Inc.
Working with Prospectr has been terrific. Their team does all the heavy lifting to deliver not just leads, but quality leads who become great clients. After more than 10 years of looking for a quality marketing company, I’ve finally found someone who stands behind their work and delivers what they promise.
Beth Schneider Wachner, CEO, Process Prodigy
Prospectr has been a tremendous lead generation tool for Harborcove. We have been able to work with the whole team at Prospectr to fine tune our marketing approach and have reached the right leads at the right time which has resulted in increased revenue for us. It’s been a real pleasure to work with Dan and Travis and we look forward to many more deal closings over the coming months.
Simina Kroculick, COO, HarborCove Financial
In a very competitive industry, Dan and his team have delivered highly qualified leads. These potential cleaning customers are larger, more motivated and much more likely to choose Vanguard than leads that we received from telemarketing companies. We continue to work with Prospectr because they listen and modify the campaigns to our needs. They are a great addition to our marketing and sales portfolio.
Cindy Banchy, GM, Vanguard Cleaning Systems MN
Having tried many marketing methods over our 25 years, I was a total skeptic regarding Prospectrs’ claim of generating responsive leads. I have been astounded and amazed to be proven wrong. Prospectrs did start providing very solid, concrete, CEO-level hot leads with solid projects and quote requests. After four months, some of these quotes have started to convert to sales. I have praised Prospectrs with many business colleagues in other industries, and have already referred to them three other interested companies.
Philip Auerbach, President, Auerbach International
Prospectr Marketing is a recommended lead generation partner of ours.
Jason Phipps, Ambassador Cleaning
We needed a way to reach a target market efficiently with a product that was a challenge to describe concisely. Prospectrs got us to the targets and delivered a bunch of interested leads that we are working to close. I would recommend Prospectrs as an important part of any top-of-funnel strategy. They’ll get you into good conversations.
Christopher Laibe, President, InfrontUSA
If you need someone who does the right thing when no one’s looking – that sums up what Prospectr marketing does. They’re the definition of integrity – very refreshing in today’s business world.
Dan Stelter, Freelance Copywriting In Chicago
“Nothing that we have tried has given me the results that you have given me: tradeshows, phone campaigns, direct mail, other email and online programs like Google ads – nothing. You are producing! I can’t keep doing this because I can’t keep up – I need to hire someone. Great Job!!! I will be a reference and Prospectr is my number 1 option for getting new business.”
Steve Kanefsky, Camp Menominee
My company has worked with Prospectr Marketing for over a year. When we started working with Prospectr they generated more leads for our business in two months than what we had done on our own in over a year. They were directly responsible for landing one of G2’s largest clients as well as several other substantial opportunities. I would strongly recommend Prospectr Marketing to any business.
Justin J. Fuller, Executive VP Business Development, G2, Inc.
Travis and the Prospectr Team have been working with us for one month now and we are already seeing closed deals and ROI from working with them. We look forward to seeing this relationship grow to be a complete marketing and sales solution for our business. They have truly created an exclusive demand generation campaign for VMC Capital from start to finish. Prospectr provides the qualified leads, creative and human resources to deliver our value proposition to market with varied touch points thru streamlined wave marketing and digital marketing strategies. I would highly suggest using this firm.
Edward DeAngelis, President, Bizlender, LLC.
Prospectr Marketing has been working with us for 5 months now. The team at Prospectr cares about customer satisfaction and is truly a partner to the specific needs of GaggleAMP. Travis, who heads up Prospectr, has been responsive and always strives to ensure success for his clients. If you are looking for a reputable demand generation center that has a marketing process built-in, definitely talk to Travis and his team.
Glenn Gaudet, President and Founder, GaggleAMP
Working with Prospectrs has been a delight. After having some in-depth discussions about who our target demographic was and fine tuning the campaigns to match that, we have been in a great groove and have seen some wonderful results. To date, we’re looking at over a 10x return on investment, which is something we’re glad to continue indefinitely.
Justin Beegel, Founder and President, Infographic World
After 8 years of business, I’ve tried just about everything. I’ve tried telemarketing, simple email marketing, hiring of sales staff, holding booths at trade shows and handing out expensive giveaways. My company has done alright, I suppose, mostly due to the high quality of our product and customer service, and repeat business from the clients we’ve found over the years. However, one thing I’ve learned the hard way is to have zero tolerance for underperformance in my marketing team. When the team at Prospectr approached me, I was skeptical and assumed that they were like all of the other groups, and so I took my time getting back to them, and tried a few other lower-cost options with minimal effect. Finally, I came around and gave Prospectr 3 months to show me what they could do. This was in April. Now it’s October and since the very week they started Cosmocyte hasn’t had a single hour of downtime. If all that’s missing from your business is that your product isn’t being seen by the right people, then you need to give Travis and the team at Prospectr a chance.
Cameron Slayden, CEO, Cosmocyte
I have been surprised and pleased so far with the call backs and email responses we have gotten! Your system results in very positive interactions!
Alanna York, Founder, Use Me Products, LLC.
I must tell you that in my 22 years in this business, I am always looking for the next best thing to try to source deals. I believe that the traditional BDO model is broken and that one sees a revolving door of BDO’s moving from company to company. I have avoided the traditional BDO model and am able to source deals based on our reputation and years in the business. What we experienced yesterday was astounding with the number of e-mails from truly viable companies and the fact that the response was from decision makers (CEOs and Presidents). We are excited about the relationship and we believe that it will lead to a significant volume of business.
Mark D. Weinberg, President and CEO, Versant Funding
I’ve used similar services in the past that have proved unsuccessful. Travis promised me a specific quantity of leads per month and has far exceeded his promise. Very impressive.
Denny Miller, President, Pipeline Interactive
Prospectr Marketing is going the extra mile to see that we get good leads from customers looking for long-term relationships. The marketing campaigns are working better than our own salesperson efforts.
Dan Schultz, Owner, E Cycling Solutions
I’ve managed Inside Sales teams for years and have tried dozens of lead sources. No company has come close to the results that we see with Prospectr Marketing. Our cost per acquisition is at an all time low.
Dave Zank, President, Direct Connect
Our experience working with Travis and Prospectr Marketing so far has been a very positive one. We are pleased with the results we have obtained and feel comfortable recommending Prospectr to others. Our leads have increased and I’ve been very pleased with the quality of leads we are receiving on a weekly basis. Our website visits and information requests are up too, which I attribute to the amount of traffic Prospectr is sending our direction. Travis is very responsive and easy to reach with questions.
Heather Tourville, General Counsel, Wellsource
Prospectr Marketing delivered the high quality leads to our company exactly as they indicated. Hot and warm leads, delivered right to your inbox. It doesn’t get much better or easier than that.
Isaac Hartsell, Partner, MN Services
Prospectr Marketing has provided our firm with quality individual NPO leads for a couple of months now. These organizations are motivated prospects interested in speaking with a boutique engineering consultancy like IPCD. We have been quite pleased in doing business with Prospectr Marketing and have found them to be superior to other lead services that we have used in the past, especially with follow up service and the overall experience has been a great supplement to our business. A+
Sean Correia, VP Business Development, iPCD Solutions
Prospectr Marketing is one of the best marketing companies I have worked with. Since partnering with them, business is picking up and our name is getting out there. With their help we are getting to where we want to be and then some.
Josh Feinberg, CEO, Everlasting Capital
Prospectr Marketing allows us to reach thousands of targeted prospects very cost effectively and with minimal investment of time on our part, and they communicate closely with us through every step of each campaign to ensure that we are completely satisfied.
Lois Schneck, Director of Marketing, Component Hardware
When Prospectr Marketing first approached us, honestly I was skeptical and my expectations were very low. Wow, was I wrong. The results were immediate, quantifiable and the process was easy. I’ve also referred them to other clients (outside of my industry) because they are so good.
Michael Bremmer, CEO, Telecom Quotes
The Prospectr team is not only professional but sincere, knowledgeable and committed to helping their clients achieve growth. Prospectr Marketing is the first lead generation and prospect development firm we’ve worked with, and we recommend them to other related businesses constantly. They ‘get it’ — from recommending the right solution for a particular niche to providing inside sales and compelling copy, I can honestly say that we’ll be working with Prospectrs for a long time to come!
Kelly L. Campbell, President
Prospectr branded RHR as a national provider of Resident Screening Solutions. We generated 56 developed leads. These leads are currently in process at RHR and we fully expect to see closed accounts related to our campaign. You may use me as a reference. I appreciated your honesty and I believe that your marketing process will work for many businesses.
Tony Karels, President, Rental History Reports
We have seen closed business from this campaign and I appreciate the way that your team has handled this relationship.
Ben Dyon, President and CEO, DME Studios
Prospectr Marketing is a trustworthy source for your business development and lead generation needs.
Mike Sedjo, Financial Representative, Northwestern Mutual
Prospectr Marketing has a proven track record of results. I would highly recommend their services for any business that is looking to generate viable leads and improve profitability.
Steve Halvorson, Blue Phoenix Web Design
Charlie – A really great lead came through from an executive at – – -*. We are going to talk soon. I have been trying to find a way into that company for a while. That could be a major win…he is a hiring executive and wants to talk growth plans.
Ginni Garner, Managing Director, Garner Group
Prospectr did an amazing job of customizing a marketing campaign specific to our needs. They worked quickly and efficiently allowing us to focus our time on lead conversion. We will definitely use Prospectr again!
Jordan Flom, President, Staylight Fitness
The leads that Prospectr generates for me are a better quality, and have higher than normal sales volume. The actual owners of the company are the ones asking me to call them. They’re sending me applications before I’ve even pitched them. The Prospectr team works well– there’s a big difference between them and other marketing companies. You’re professional and honest, and within 60 days I saw ROI. I’m looking to be part of your team for a long time. Excellent!
John Guillory, President, MoneyMan
System4 Chicago has been utilizing the Prospectr email marketing program since January, 2015. The Prospectr program has provided us with consistently high quality leads. I’m particularly impressed with the level of decision maker that this program reaches. Since we’ve been utilizing the Prospectr program as our primary lead generation tool, I have closed numerous accounts, and we’ve seen our monthly revenues increase nearly 40%. Our Return on Investment has been well over 100%. I have utilized several forms of lead generation previously, Prospectr is clearly the best program I’ve seen in our industry.
Randy Girton, Regional Manager, System 4
What has really stayed with us as being impressive, was that original meeting when we sat down with you and your team and essentially had a think tank about our business. That really helped us gain invaluable insight into our own business, as strange as that sounds. I think that is a great selling point to your business offering: a team of marketing specialists/experts that get a business owner talking about their business and it gets reviewed from many different creative angles.
John Clough, President, Red Oak Relocation
“We have landed a number of new clients through them, we get additional leads almost daily (sometimes several a deal), they are completely professional in all their dealings, and on a personal level I have enjoyed every interaction with everyone on their team.”
Lee Wochner, CEO, Counterintuity LLC
We had never paid for a professional video or any outbound marketing in the past, and being a small business, it was tough to find the time and money in our annual budgets to have a project like this come together. Boy, are we glad we did! Being in the luxury industry, our investment has already paid off quickly.
Pit Turenne, General Manager, Aikens Lake
We are located in Rhode Island but we were doing most of our business in California. I wanted to travel less and work closer to home. Travis and Natascha worked closely with me to send out the right message to my target market. The first three months campaign was successful, I am now working with clients in New England and I have just signed up for a new 12 month campaign.
Rick Dorval, CEO, Dorval Management
“I have been working with Travis and Prospectr Marketing staff for the past 2 years and I have found the team and their efforts extremely beneficial to my business. In the past 2 years, Travis and his team have generated hundreds of quality leads for my company that has resulted in over $160,000 in gross profits. My account rep, Shannon is very knowledgeable and very dedicated to assisting me. Without a doubt working with Travis and Prospectr Marketing has been profitable and valuable part of my online marketing.”
Joe Pantaleo, Director of Business Development, America's Back Office
“When telemarketing wasn’t quite hitting the mark, we knew we needed to revamp our marketing efforts to garner the qualified leads we were looking for. With Prospectr’s highly skilled and reputable marketing efforts, our vision is met and our expectations greatly exceeded. Week after week, the Prospectr team continues to deliver on their word.”
Rob Dusthimer, President, Vanguard Cleaning LA and Northern California
The professionals at Prospectrs are positive and encouraging. They know what they are doing, and are a real joy to work with. I highly recommend them.
Mike Liffrig, Senior Counsel, First Court
“In the 13 years I have been in business with external and internal teams for marketing Prospectr is one of the two success stories that we have to tell.”
Paul Laredo, Owner, INX Building Mainenance
“I cannot recommend any organization more than Prospectr. They are creative, with attention to detail, and they are driven to succeed on our behalf. No request is too big or too small. They are a great resource for our business.”
Steve Marlin, President, Prestige Accomodations, Inc.
“Prospectr is the best email marketing company we’ve worked with, hands down. Ryan did a spectacular job helping us to craft our campaign messages, and he regularly checked in with us so that we could continuously improve our success rate. The leads that Prospectr provided nearly doubled our revenue in 4 months, and some of them are now our best clients. We will certainly continue to work with Prospectr in the future.”
Aidan Garza, President, VGC Unlimited
“I want to take this opportunity to recommend Prospectr Marketing for your email marketing needs. One of the things that make Prospectr stand out among any other marketing firm I have dealt with is the immediate impact their first campaign had on our business. Our sales department were closing new accounts within the first couple of weeks of campaign commencement, and that is quite remarkable! Their staff are very professional in all dealings and communication is always handled promptly and effectively. Here at 1st Call Cleaning Services we consider Prospectr an indispensable partner in our growth plans!”
Robert D. Sparrow, President, 1st Call Cleaning Services
“Our experience with Prospectr Marketing has been outstanding. They have produced a seamless marketing and lead generation program specific to the unique needs and demands of our regional consulting firm. Their professional team has provided us with excellent, personal service that has consistently exceeded our expectations. I recommend them without reservation as a comprehensive resource for your company’s marketing and lead generation service needs.”
Christian Bileth, President, Core Audit Consulting