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Prospectr Marketing

We are a Premier Lead Generation Company based in Minneapolis, MN. With clients across the country in over +40 verticals, we have a proven track record of success in reaching the right prospects, at the right time, and with the right message. We specialize in email marketing and market to prospects both domestically and internationally. Pair our email marketing with our digital services and see a return on your investment.

Our proven Prospectr Predictable Revenue ensures qualified leads. Prospectr is able to reach the RIGHT person, with the RIGHT message, at the RIGHT time. And when our clients commit to Best Practice Follow-Up, well, as they say, “It’s a slam dunk.”


Our Work

Lead Generation Company
Industry: Financial Services
Target: Small – Mid-size Businesses

Lead Generation Company
Industry: Professional Janitorial
Target: Southern CA, All Industries Except Dining

Lead Generation Company
Industry: Software and IT
Target: Banking, Insurance, Hospitals, Oil and Gas

Lead Generation Company
Industry: Property and Real Estate
Target: New England, Professionals

Lead Generation Company
Industry: Marketing
Target: Health and Pharma

Lead Generation Company
Industry: Graphic Design
Target: USA, Manufacturing, Healthcare

Our Work

We could go on and on about how Prospectr has been able to help businesses of all sizes and verticals. But we prefer to let the work with our diverse clientele speak for itself.

Why Prospectr?

Our proven Prospectr Predictable Revenue ensures qualified leads. Prospectr is able to reach the RIGHT person, with the RIGHT message, at the RIGHT time. And when our clients commit to Best Practice Follow-Up, well, as they say, “It’s a slam dunk.”

Success in 2022


To Date

660+ Clients Strong!
…and ready to add more
220+ Years of Combined Marketing Experience
We have the expertise to get the job done.
250 Employees
Small, close-knit family; Big-time Results

“After 8 years of business, I’ve tried just about everything. I came around and gave Prospectr 3 months to show me what they could do. This was in April. Now it’s October and since the very week they started Cosmocyte hasn’t had a single hour of downtime. If all that’s missing from your business is that your product isn’t being seen by the right people, then you need to give Travis and the team at Prospectr a chance. Just make sure you don’t have any vacations planned.”

Cameron Slayden, President, Cosmocyte

“Working with Prospectr has been a delight. After having some in-depth discussions about who our target demographic was and fine tuning the campaigns to match that, we have been in a great groove and have seen some wonderful results. To date, we’re looking at over a 10x return on investment, which is something we’re glad to continue indefinitely.”

Justin Beegel, President, Infographic World

“Travis Piepho and his firm, Prospectrdigital have impressed me from the start. Travis is a trust builder, and a man of his word. He is performance based and meets his commitments. We have already been presented 7 leads in 4 -6 weeks that are qualified and actionable due to the Prospectr method.”

Albert Strong, CEO, Founder, Strong Cyber Solutions LLC

“Travis and the Prospectr Team have been working with us for one month now and we are already seeing closed deals and ROI from working with them. They have truly created an exclusive demand generation campaign for VMC Capital from start to finish. Prospectr provides the qualified leads, creative and human resources to deliver our value proposition to market with varied touch points through streamlined wave marketing and digital marketing strategies. I would highly suggest using this firm.”

Edward DeAngelis, Director of Operations, VMC Capital

“Our experience with Prospectr Marketing has been outstanding. They have produced a seamless marketing and lead generation program specific to the unique needs and demands of our regional consulting firm. Their professional team has provided us with excellent, personal service that has consistently exceeded our expectations. I recommend them without reservation as a comprehensive resource for your company’s marketing and lead generation service needs.”

Christian Bileth, President, Core Audit Consulting, Inc.
“In our experience, the Prospectr team continues to generate solid leads, they’re attentive to our needs/feedback, and react in a timely manner.”
Kamron Kunce, Director of Community Relations, UpDesk
“I spoke with Rudy yesterday (one of your leads) and when asked why he even responded to our email he explained that although he receives many emails on a daily basis he found the content to be very friendly which made him feel comfortable to respond. Thanks again”
David Neumann, NE President, Breca Capital

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We are a Premier Lead Generation Company that will grow your bottom line.

Travis Piepho
Travis PiephoFounder and Partner
Travis Piepho, co-founder of Prospectr Marketing, thrives in the Digital World. He understands how to create customer-centered, data-driven campaigns; improving on-line conversion rates for lead generation and sales.
Dan Piepho
Dan PiephoFounder and Partner
Dan Piepho has 35 years of experience in sales and marketing. With that experience he brings the insight that drives the success of Prospectr Marketing. Dan has founded and managed three successful B2B and B2C companies.
RomulusCompliance Officer
Romulus is in charge of keeping everyone on task. For example: Rom will frequently let out a well-timed bark to startle Shannon, one of our Creative Geniuses, back to the task at hand. He likes birds, fetch, MadMen and digital marketing.

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