How We Stack Up

Traditional Sales and Marketing Team
Prospectr-LogoPredictable Revenue
Salary – Marketing Automation Specialist $65k-100k Annually + commission $30k Annually + commission
Data Collection and Management +100k Annually Provided
Email Marketing Software $5k Annually Provided
Content Creation +$10k Annually Provided
Sales Funnel Strategist $35k-50k Annually Provided
Total Overhead +$225k-275k Annually + commission $30k Annually + commission

If a company hires the “right person” who possesses the drive and ability to fill the sales funnel with qualified leads and can measure conversion and return on investment, we estimate the typical salary for this “Marketing Automation Specialist” to be $65k-$100k+ per year. But that is just the start of the additional overhead you’ll experience with a typical email marketing campaign. You can see in the proceeding chart that your overhead can climb to over 5x the cost of working with Prospectr.

The cost of working with Prospectr equates to the salary of an entry-level sales person… but the benefits and results are quite different! We reach the right prospect, with the right content, at the right time. With our efficient email marketing platform and host of add-on services, you will see a Return on Investment with your email and content marketing efforts!

Cost per hour for an in-house marketing team:
+ $288/Hour
Cost per hour to work with Prospectr:

“Small business owners estimate that getting an extra hour in their day back by outsourcing their email marketing (& other activities) is worth $273/hour.

-Constant Contact

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