Connie Piepho | Business Growth Consultant

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Business Growth Consultant

Prospectr realizes the importance of productivity and deliverables and invests heavily in delivering both for our clients. Our clients’ success translate to Prospectr’s success; we take stock of our clients’ unique positionings and through our innovative digital marketing campaigns we drive our clients’ bottom lines. Connie serves Prospectr with 30+ years of experience in strategic marketing and business development.

“We work with clients to synthesize custom strategies and timelines to take their business from ‘the current’ to ‘the ideal’. I love being part of the innovation and dedication that the Prospectr Team demonstrates on a daily basis to ensure our clients’ success.”
You can reach Connie by calling 612.220.3049, through LinkedIn or by emailing her at
Connie’s interests include:

  • Exploring trails and beaches of Kauai
  • Golfing with husband Steve
  • Spending time with daughter, Alison
  • Pili Aloha, her golden retriever
  • Reading
Business Strategy
Public Relations
Marketing Strategy