Jesse Nickols | Customer Success Manager

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Customer Success Manager

Jesse’s commitment is to deliver value to his clients with each transaction. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from Bethel University (St. Paul, Minn.), he has insight into the challenges of competing in today’s economy and the marketing prowess that is required to stay in front of the competition. Jesse possesses years of expertise with innovative digital marketing, with a true understanding of the need for return-on-investment for his clients.

“I love working with clients, our business partners, to deliver Prospectr Predictable Revenue resulting in qualified leads and with Best Practice Follow-Up by our clients, we SUCCEED together. I simply love happy clients.”
You can reach Jesse by calling 612.200.0874 x714, through LinkedIn or by emailing him at
Jesse’s interests include:

  • Being outside
  • Hunting and golfing
  • Biking
  • Trips to the Boundary Waters
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