In bringing together the leading data providers you can create a great business development platform centered around database lead generation, which can comprehensively cover B2B markets. My team and I use our experience along with our proprietary lead platform to effectively identify, qualify and deliver information to our target market, you can to.


  1. Campaign Development: Don’t just generate leads – Use sales insight and experience to target your market. Test a variety of different ways to reach that market, thus optimizing the ways in which you can reach your prospects. Share all information in-house so that you may use our findings in years to come.
    • Content drives everything from Search Engine Optimization to email campaigns. Without a clearly communicated, specific and valuable proposition to your customer then the sales pipeline will get plugged. Drive prospects through your pipelines quickly by reaching decision makers with an actionable need for your service.
    • Market Research: In doing the above testing we often find new undiscovered markets or niches for our customers. This research is invaluable in the continual growth of your business and will be valuable to you in years to come.
  2. Market Coverage: If someone asks you: “Would you like your entire target market to know about your business?” what would you say?
    • With a 10-20% click-through rate on all of our campaigns.
      (SEO FACT – When your website attracts more interest then you will receive and generate more traffic consistently into the future. In other words, our push marketing strategies create pull marketing for your business as well.) If you send your message to 100,000 qualified cold leads you should expect to see a spike in potential clients visiting your website. Out of those clients we know that many of these prospects spread the word. This leverages an efficient multiplication effect as seen in many viral marketing campaigns.
    • These qualified leads not only click-through your offers, but often respond.
    • Sustainable Delivery: Have you ever thought when receiving emails, calls, or mail. “Wow, what an impersonal way to ask for my attention.” Use the benefits of technology, but on a personal level.  Generate leads, leads that have asked for the information and then we continue to interact with them personally using direct mail, phone and email.
      • Use your CRM tools to appropriately manage your marketing pipeline. This allows for efficiency in marketing best practice: response management, personal delivery and interactive messaging. Our prospect management effectively creates a more efficient and effective conversion rate, while also shortening your sales pipeline.
    • This process will continually create qualified leads and deliver information to your market generating continual traffic and interest in your business offerings. This is a sustainable ROI/Bottom Line Based marketing initiative!

We want you to succeed and to be satisfied, thus please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.