With so many sales and marketing buzzwords like: Drive Marketing ROI, Lead Nurturing, Efficient Conversion, Marketing Best Practice, etc… Marketing Manager can get conned into working deals that don’t ever end up impacting your companies Bottom Line!

The deal is that database providers, marketing automation providers, and research companies can all give a piece of the puzzle. We have found that tools that allow you to fully try their product while adding relevant material are the companies that will deliver on their promises. So the marketing resources that really do add value are?

Our Spotlighted Companies for the week of August 20th:

  • www.visual.ly seems to be a great resource for marketing infographics.
  • join.me is a great meeting site that seems to efficiently and smoothly allow for screen sharing and conference calling as Go To Meeting provides, but without the $$
  • www.marketingsherpa.com/ – Research, reports and valuable insight.

and lastly, a great Email Marketing Infographic:

6 Steps to Effective Email Marketing
by Pardot.Browse more data visualization.