Email Marketing and Mobile Expansion

Implications: In 2013, just optimizing email for mobile will not be enough. You also must identify your mobile users and send a specific creative developed for their devices, or experiment with responsive design templates.

Responsive email design is an approach to email creative in which the HTML version is built to provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices, from a desktop computer email client to a tablet to a mobile phone. This includes easy reading and navigation with minimal resizing, panning, or scrolling.

Relevant Content Is King

Implications: You must use behavioral traits, including opens and clicks in regular email, browsing on your website, or discussing with your sales reps, to segment your mailing list and drive follow-up messaging.

Marketers who don’t track subscriber engagement will find their email engagement metrics will steadily decline as their messages get blocked or bulked. Marketers who use in-market data will yield, on average, three to five times the return in revenue per email over traditional broadcast messages.

At the very least, keep tabs on which subscribers are inactive and reduce your cadence of mailing to these subscribers. Sending more emails to the most active subscribers and fewer emails to those who are less active will help you prevent being banished to the “unimportant” email box.

Rethink How You Send Email Campaigns

Implications: Every organization has some kind of customer lifecycle. Your goal should be to study your specific buying cycle and identify the optimal milestones for building triggered lifecycle programs. Build these programs to be as automated and hands-off as possible to maximize revenue generation 24/7.

The Last Word

The results show that the era of “batch-and-blast” email marketing has come to a close, and these are the three imperatives for your email program:

  • Segment your mailing list using behavioral clues such as opens and clicks, website browsing, and follow-ups with sales staff or other company contacts.
  • Deliver relevant content using dynamic content modules.
  • Identify the key milestones in your customer lifecycle and build automated, triggered programs that drive revenue 24/7.

Your benefit will be a strong-performing, customer-focused email program that will allow you to maximize engagement, conversions, and revenue.