What are you really getting when you hire a lead generation company?

Finding the right lead generation company to maximize your business’s outreach, ability to attract and retain clients, and boost your company’s bottom line is similar to shopping for a car. You’ll need to consider your company’s needs, goals, and preferences in order to find a perfect match. Here’s a few strategies to consider that will help you select a lead generation company that is cost-effective, and can help you achieve a successful outcome that will bring in results.


1. Will they tailor the campaign to your needs?
A good lead generating company will have the collateral flexibility and creativity to make that happen. Look for a firm that can tailor a customized marketing campaign, while keeping you involved in the process. To help your company stay within budget, the developer should also offer flexible invoicing and payment plans.

2. Will they source the best leads and help you sort them?
While it might be appealing to hear a representative say that he or she can reach a large volume of potential clients, it could also leave you with the daunting and time-consuming task of sorting through those leads to pick out potential matches. Ideally, your selected partner will be able to source, sort, and deliver hyper-targeted leads.

3. What are they actually selling you?
As with any major purchase, you will want your lead generation company to offer a specific value proposition. At a minimum, a qualified lead generation company will offer a contract defining a timeframe in which it will generate a specific number of leads.

4. Will they get to know you and your target market?
Knowing your target audience and being able to create content that is targeted to them, is critical for your prospecting initiatives. You should ask your potential lead generation firm what kind of research and development they perform before launching their campaigns. If they don’t have a process in place to get to know you, your product and value proposition, and the target market their reaching out to, it’s a safe bet your results will suffer.

As you probably know, effective communication, and sound working relationships are critical to saving time and succeeding in today’s fast-paced corporate world.  A good lead generation company will offer great customer service and an excellent support system. Remember that the team should help minimize legwork on your end.

Finally, you will want to select a lead generation company that has the skills and knowledge to adapt to the ever-changing marketplace. To retain customers, your company must offer new and innovative products, and broadcast its services using various channels. Ideally, your lead developer will have the innovative strategies and foresight needed to drive continual lead flows, and generate sales revenue.

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—Sam Rexford, Digital Strategist