Back in 2011, the most popular search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo) joined their hands to collaborate and launch a set of standard codes (also known as SCHEMAs) for the web developer These codes help search engines find the most relevant information on your website easier and faster. helps the code on your website get verified by search engines to give your business better visibility.

Currently, there are many standards and schemas for marking different types of information on your web pages. Hence, it has become difficult for the webmasters to decide on the most relevant and supported markup standards to use. A schema supported by all the major search engines makes it easier for webmasters to add markups, which makes it easier for search engines to create rich search features for users.

The use of proper SCHEMA’s is very important for your website so that search engine crawlers can find the most relevant information such as reviews, stats, address, rates, specific services, events, video etc. is improving itself day by day and it will continue to evolve for the many years in the future. It is expected that the evolution will come from two major sources.

  1. Identification of new kinds of structured data that can be used to provide better search results, and
  2. As SCHEMA developers further develop and evangelize their SCHEMAs.

As a first step, you should find out if your site is using SCHEMAs you can verify this using Google’s webmaster tools.