Email messages should be more personal and less like a template – 137% more interaction from a simple personal message – This is true and should be considered in all outbound mailing. I am shocked at the amount of confusion around this subject. If you send a message it is sent for informative purposes. It is much easier to understand the information in a simple, concise paragraph than one with all of the gadgets and images often included in mass emailing templates.

Individuals will interact with your email campaigns and respond to the messages that you send if it is easily understood and personally delivered with a unique value proposition. Easily understood means that it is not long, but rather concise and to the point. Personally delivered means personally signed and sent with the recipient’s first name. A personal message goes a long way in reducing “deletes”. Unique value proposition means that the email has a unique offering that adds value to the recipient.

With the content and formatting out-of-the-way it is most important to consider who your audience is. Who are you targeting and how did you opt them into receiving your email? See

[] for more information on acquisition.