We have all been there before: unable to think past the first sentence of a post, or article. These next two paragraphs focus on the ways that we have found to get past writers block. Content Marketing is driven by your ability to answer the questions that your customers, or readers are frequently asking. Spend time considering questions that you consistently run into and have to answer. If you can write a great post, or article successfully answering these questions then you will have made many individual lives easier. Scan headlines and subscribe to blogs that you are interested in, read them, and if something impacts, or influences you strongly write down your thoughts about it and create your article based on those thoughts.

Discuss relevant topics with your friends, or associates and create a flow chart from the conversation. Block off 30 minutes and just write. Don’t think about formatting, spelling, punctuation etc…, rather just let the words flow and then revisit it the next day to see if there is anything there. Break parent posts, or pages down into sub-pages explaining all of the details that went into the parent post, or page. Quick post, but with helpful information that we have used time and again! Thanks for reading and we hope that this is helpful.