“I’m sorry, he’s out to lunch right now. Can I take a message?”

“Can you call back later?”

“He’s not in right now. Would you like his voicemail?”

“Sure, one second,” and then you sit on hold for more than 5 minutes…

How many times have those, and other, excuses come up?

You work so hard to find the contact information. Or maybe you even get the prospect to contact you. But the end result is the same almost 99% of the time: no communication and no business for you!

How do you increase the number of decision makers you get to talk to?

Here are some methods to do just that:

1. Be Calm, Confident, and Sincere

Don’t try to work your way around all the gatekeepers using manipulation or deception. There is actually a story of a salesman who got angry with the secretary because she “forgot” to let him through to the CEO for their “meeting.”

He did get through her after throwing a fit, and the CEO had no clue who the salesman was because it was all a rouse.

Do you think he made the sale?

Instead, just be honest. Use some genuine flattery (that gets you far), but don’t push it too much.

2. Have an Awesome Value Proposition to Discuss

What’s the whole reason anyone buys from you? You have the best solution to their problem.

Instead of just leaving a plain old voicemail with your name and contact information, say something like this:

“Hi John. The reason I’m calling is I’ve done some in-depth research on your company and believe we could save you 15% on your operating expenses in the next year. Call (phone number) and ask for ‘Rick’ to discuss.”

You show several things with that kind of approach:

1. You care enough about  your prospect to do research and fill a need

2. You have more concern with filling your prospect’s needs than making a profit

3. You can generate specific results for your prospect

4. You get straight to the point and don’t mince words

Those are all things business owners and decision makers like. Make sure you actually do have a good solution, though. Otherwise, decision makers eventually find out when you really don’t.

 3. Treat the Executive Assistant Like a Decision Maker

Remember, they make the decision whether you get to pass through their gate or not. It sounds unbelievable, but many salesman don’t even treat them like they’re human beings.

Increase your odds of getting through by using a little old fashioned courtesy.

Do Those Things & Track Your Results

Making it through to more decision makers isn’t that hard – if you follow those tips. It’s not about how many calls you make.

If you keep doing the same thing, you get the same results.

Try something different, and your business take off!