Remember the good ol’ days when carrier pigeons, pneumatic tubes, dogsleds, mules, horses, and telegraphs were “hot new ways” to deliver a message? Ok fine, how about remember the good ol’ days when your Grandpa would make jokes about these kinds of methods?

Imagine waiting for a carrier pigeon or dogsled to deliver an imperative, time-sensitive message to a client or potential lead. Not too long ago, these were viable options for transporting messages and trusted forms of deliverability. Now fast forward to today. Imagine using systems in today’s high-speed business market that are essentially the equivalent to sending Marco, your new pigeon, on a journey to deliver your company’s message and sensitive information. Many business professionals continue to live and die by the pigeon. What if there was a better way?

Email Marketing has evolved over the years. Over 144 BILLION emails are sent per day. Email is certainly a viable option for marketing, as every dollar spent on email marketing in 2011 produced a 40$ return (Direct Marketing Association and Smart Data Collective). However, not all email marketing systems and practices are created equal. Prospectr Marketing understands that deliverability, personalized lead nurturing and follow-up activities are all vital to increasing ROI. Segmenting specific prospect behaviors can increase open rates by more than 50% and increase conversion rates by more than 350% (Jupiter Research).

Instead of using the Pigeon with the best sense of direction, we leverage technology from the world leaders in email deliverability to ensure every message reaches the recipient’s inbox. And, because deliverability parameters are constantly changing, we employ many proactive measures to ensure the highest possible levels of deliverability and positive reputation for all of our customers, including 24×7 monitoring of your email servers and IP addresses. Our trusted, individualized, and engaging strategies transform the Pigeon into a F-22 Raptor, the most outstanding aircraft in the U.S. Air Force.

Prospectr Can:

  • Increase lead conversion: Convert more prospects into sales ready leads
  • Boost response rates: Raise open and click rates by segmenting lists and sending customer messages specific to their profile, interest and action
  • Be more creative and strategic: Automate repetitive manual execution and analytics so you can focus on creativity and strategy