Think of your favorite team of all time.

It doesn’t need to be a sports team (although it could be).

It could also be a team you worked on.

Somehow, they found something that made them superior to other teams.

Or, maybe you’ve been on a team much the opposite. You had high expectations and lots of talent. And instead of leading the pack, you far underperformed in relation to expectations.

Both scenarios happen.

How do you get more of the first one and less of the last?

Thousands of books and years of research have been done on teams. In America, we’re so super-competitive that we can’t stop thinking about teams and how to perform the best.

For now, these tips can help you get the most out of your sales team. And hopefully, you’ll build the all-star sales team you want:

1. What to do with Salespeople Who Refuse to Have a Team Attitude

Do you have one salesperson who thinks they know it all? They always want to do their own thing. You ask them to do things…and then they ignore that and do things their own way.

But, they’re one of your top contributors. What do you do? Do you keep this person and live with their annoying habits? Or, do you fire them and move on?

If they are a clear detriment to all involved, fire them. If they simply annoy you, the manager, try to work with them until you both get on the same page mentally. Ultimately, if you both can’t reconcile, find a way to let go of that person.

2. Assets Don’t Equal “Time Plus Money…”

Productivity expert Robin Sharma, one of the top five leadership gurus in the world, says productivity results from “energy plus focus,” and not “time plus money.”

So, what can you do to keep your team’s energy levels high? This means working hard at times, and taking breaks at others. You have to care for their personal well-being too.

If they have a lot of stress in their home life, do what you can to help them out at work. Maybe that’s flexible scheduling. Or, it could be hiring a virtual assistant to help them reduce their “grunt work.”

3. Yes, Work Can Be Fun

It’s easy to let “work” become just another four-letter word you mutter out of the side of your mouth at the end of the day.

That can happen to any person or team. That’s just the way work flows sometimes. When things get tough like that, remember it’s okay to take a break and have fun.

No human mind can consistently handle the thinking that work is “stressful and intense” without paying serious consequences. If work’s tough, find a way to liven it up and make it fun.

Decide on a fun team activity. Take everyone out for a massage. Have everyone sit in a hot tub at a spa for half a day. Just make sure the team likes the activity, whatever it is.

Doing those three things keeps your team’s energy and mind focused in the same direction. Do them, and you will notice a more successful team over the long-run.