How to Lead Your Sales Team to All-Star Performance

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Think of your favorite team of all time. It doesn't need to be a sports team (although it could be). It could also be a team you worked on. Somehow, they found something that made them superior to other teams. Or, maybe you've been on a team much the opposite. You had high expectations [...]

5 Biggest Mistakes Sales Managers Make When Interviewing

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It happened again! Just 6 months after hiring, you have another sales team member walk out the door. Turnover is a back breaker in business, isn't it? A CaeerBuilder survey says more than half of the 6,000 hiring professionals survey made a bad hire. And 27% of US employers said at least one of [...]

How You Can Qualify Your Leads Without Wasting Your Time

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You’ve made this big mistake. Every salesperson or business owner has. Many without even realizing it. So hopefully, after you learn about it, you can learn what to do so it almost never happens. The mistake: following up with leads that will either: Become customers you can’t wait to get rid of, or Never [...]

Your Employees Need Motivation in These 6 Ways That Don’t Include Money

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When you think of "The American Dream," what image pops up in your head? A big house, fancy car, lots of vacations...all material things. There's no doubt about it - money motivates. But after a while, and for just about every person, the motivation money offers dies out. Money's important - your employees must feel [...]

A Penny Saved… Might Cost you a Dollar. By: Rachel Pedersen

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Let me begin... by explaining that I see the value in being frugal in some areas of life. Secondhand stores are my favorite places to get furniture, clothing, jewelry, and decorations. For the purpose of this blog, please excuse the aforementioned categories, because that is where the thriftiness ends. There are times that the cheaper [...]

Coordinating Marketing and Sales Efforts

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Developing a large list of qualified leads is essential and it goes without saying that the more leads you have the better chance you have of gaining sales. However, it is also important to note that more leads do not always guarantee a company is optimizing their efforts and doing so may be wasting valuable [...]

Revenue Process Optimization: Marketing Database

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Revenue Process Optimization and The New Drive for High Quality Data Building an effective high performance revenue process requires the right frameworks, measurements and efforts to engage with prospects and guide them through the buying cycle. This process performs best when there is a continuous stream of clean data, continual analysis and adjustment, and prompt [...]


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In modern day business, some of the most valuable and coveted data for any commercial entity is a customers’ list. Companies are spending large chunks of their annual sales and marketing budgets on arranging their customer data in it’s most accurate form. Customer relationship management (CRM), when used correctly, can be the answer to this. [...]