“Hey John. This is Steve. Just checking in to see the status of your thoughts on our proposal.”

Nice job – you followed through! That shows great commitment and reliability, doesn’t it?

It does, but here’s the problem with leaving a voicemail that way:

To your customers, it sounds like you have more interest in what’s in it for you, versus what’s in it for them.

So, you get some responses, but in general a very low conversion rate when using this approach.

Plus, do you know how many times business owners hear that exact same message, or one similar to it?

If they hear you say the same thing repeatedly, they tune out and ignore your message.

So how do  you leave compelling voicemails your prospects actually return?

Just like this:

1. Show You Researched Your Prospect and Their Needs

How you do this is up to you. It requires creativity. But because you show your clients you’ve already done some research, that makes them feel important to you (not like just another “cold call”).

In your voicemail, include something like, “I see you’re opening a new office in Dallas next week. We have several clients in your area, including (client’s names if you have permission to use them), and we have a few services that will help your new location get (benefit relevant to your prospect).”

At the end there, you also slide in a little value proposition for your prospect – very helpful.

2. Be Confident and Clear

If you find yourself using language that minimizes (like “just” or “would”), you’re probably not being confident, clear, or succinct. Rehearse your voicemail script until you feel natural saying the words (rather than like you’re reciting them). Write it out if you have to.

Go with something like this, “Hi Linda. The reason I’m calling you is (state your reason/value proposition). To learn more, call (your number), and ask for Jack.”

It gets right to the point – exactly what business owners want.

3. A Good Idea for a Follow-Up to A Previous Sales Call

For this to work, you must have uncovered a need in a previous sales call. “Hey Bill. This is Dan getting back with you. Did you know we recently (added a new big-name client, cut prices by 10%, or added a new service)?

I know that based on our last call, (describe their need), you’ll have an even easier time (describe how they get a benefit that fits the need you discovered).

Please call me back at (your number).  That’s (your number).

Looking forward to helping you get (name the benefit). Thanks,


Just try those tactics and make sure you track your conversion rates. These tips will help you get a landslide of callbacks (and sales).