How to Build a Strong Alliance Between Marketing and Sales

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Just like a married couple, marketing and sales can be the best of friends...or the worst of enemies. If you're dealing with bickering, petty name-calling, lack of cooperation, or whatever else both sides can come up with, here's some ideas for making them strong allies: 1. Make Marketing and Sales Responsible for the Same [...]

How We Generate An Avalanche of B2B Leads on LinkedIn™ (6 Easy Steps)

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"LinkedIn is Dead!" -- loudly proclaim all the B2B sales professionals around the world as soon as they fail to generate B2B leads and sales on LinkedIn... The. Worlds. Largest. B2B. Network. If this is you, or you've been starting to feel like LinkedIn's turning into the "Facebook for professionals"... You know... the mudslinging battleground really more [...]

Solutions to 4 Most Common Sales Funnel Leaks

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Do you have your entire sales funnel mapped out? Have you tested to see where the leaks might be? Take a look at some of the most common ones, and practical solutions for each: 1. "No" Often, no really means "not right now." Just 3% of your prospects are ready to buy right now [...]

What Exactly is “Disruptive Marketing?”

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You may have heard the buzz term "disruptive" marketing. ...But is it just another marketing-hype term? Or does it mean something more than that? I think the latter. Take a look: 1. What Makes Disruptive Marketing Different Than Any Other Form of Marketing When you market your products or services, you usually adhere to [...]

4 Tips to Shoot Your Referral Selling Through the Roof

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Are you responsible for prospecting at your business? It's tough when that's your duty as a salesperson. It's hard enough when you just have to make sales. If you have to find your own leads, successful referral selling is a gift from above. And even when you don't have to do your own prospecting, it [...]

Does Social Selling Work? Or Is It Just a Fad?

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You always hear all these crazy stories about people building their entire businesses on LinkedIn. They have millions of dollars, streams of clients, and all sorts of great and glorious things. So...why don't you have any of those? Are those stories you hear even real? Or do they just get made up so you'll [...]

How to Write a Compelling E-mail Signature that Engages Prospects

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Congratulations! The fact you're even reading this post shows you pay attention to every detail as you interact with prospects. And every detail counts. Will a compelling e-mail signature close you millions in new business? Not a chance. Could it be that "extra little boost" to the value you offer that helps just a [...]

How to Write E-mail Subjects Prospects Can’t Wait to Read

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"Ugh. Here comes yet another e-mail from that guy." When prospects get cold or follow-up e-mails, that's the first thing they think. Are you worried about "pestering" your prospect? Well, in most cases, if that's your fear, the uncomfortable truth is you are probably a "pest." Isn't persistence a good thing? Yes. Prospects like [...]

How to Find Direct Contact Information for Any Prospect

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If it took you just a few minutes to get the direct contact information of almost any prospect, would you use that route? Of course you would. Who wouldn't? Nobody likes wasting hours trying to find the direct contact information of any prospect. Fortunately, the internet makes it easy, and basically free. Check out [...]

How to Sell to Everyone Involved in the Decision (Not Just Your Prospect)

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Have you ever had this happen to you? You have a great relationship with your prospect. They love you. They love your solution. It's been one of the smoothest and easiest sales processes you've had so far. Everything looks good. Then, you oddly don't hear back from your prospect. Uh-oh. Something's wrong... You reach [...]