“After 8 years of business, I’ve tried just about everything. I’ve tried telemarketing, simple email marketing, hiring of sales staff, holding booths at trade shows and handing out expensive giveaways. My company has done alright, I suppose, mostly due to the high quality of our product and customer service, and repeat business from the clients we’ve found over the years. However, one thing I’ve learned the hard way is to have zero tolerance for underperformance in my marketing team.

When the team at Prospectr approached me, I was skeptical and assumed that they were like all of the other groups, and so I took my time getting back to them, and tried a few other lower-cost options with minimal effect. Finally, I came around and gave Prospectr 3 months to show me what they could do. This was in April. Now it’s October and since the very week they started Cosmocyte hasn’t had a single hour of downtime.”

– Cameron Slayden, Cosmocyte CEO

With a 33% increase in hot leads, Cosmocyte’s business was booming after years of struggle and little progress. They even landed many top 100 biotech companies as customers.


Through a simple and affordable (but highly targeted) e-mail lead nurturing campaign, and retargeting across the web. It accomplished two major objectives:

  1. Spreading awareness to companies who previously didn’t know about Cosmocyte’s 3D medical designs
  2. Targeted lead nurturing that kept Cosmocyte top-of-mind throughout the prospect’s sales cycle

Cosmocyte’s prospects saw their retargeting ads and emails over 180,000 times during the course of three months. More than 20,000 relevant decision makers received regular reminders of Cosmocyte’s 3D medical design services and the value they offer.

Cosmocyte’s Unique Service Simply Needed Additional Exposure to Its Audience

Cosmocyte Animation creates 3D medical designs of human anatomy, molecular biology, histology (microscopic human tissue), engineered products, and other medical devices. Basically, translate complex scientific and medical concepts into amazing graphics and videos any person can understand.

In the medical and scientific communities, it’s a unique, in-demand niche with little competition.

So, you can imagine the frustration Cosmocyte experienced. They have a service their prospect needs. But, they couldn’t figure out how to build relationships with their target prospect. As a result, Cosmocyte need a unique way to initiate and maintain relationships with their targeted decision maker.

Visual Ads Transform Cosmocyte Into A Booming Small Business

Ads were sent via e-mail to targeted prospects. Their graphic appeal was designed to accentuate Cosmocyte’s 3D design capabilities.

The ads also dropped a retargeting pixel on recipients’ devices through e-mail. This kept Cosmocyte top-of-mind during the consideration phase. As prospects browsed the web at their favorite websites, they continued to see retargeted banners featuring Cosmocyte’s 3D design services.

Cosmocyte Stays with Prospectr for More than Two Years

Though Cosmocyte initially gave Prospectr three months to achieve noticeable results, they remained with Prospectr for more than two years. With more than 1061 leads, 578 opportunities, and several top 100 biotech companies on board, Cosmocyte grew into the in-demand company they wanted.

“If all that’s missing from your business is that your product isn’t being seen by the right people, then you need to give Travis and the team at Prospectr a chance. Just make sure you don’t have any vacations planned,” added Cameron Slayden.