When marketing and selling to buyers it is important to understand not only why they might buy on behalf of the company,  but also to understand why they might buy for their own personal reasons. Offer – the relevant message, or value proposition that you bring to the market. A great offer considers the following points:

  • Corporate, solution, product and service positioning.
  • Segmented messaging
  • Sweet spot definition
  • Objections and strategies to be addressed
  • Potential messaging enhancements
  • Competitive context
  • Industry Intelligence

Your offer should be one minute long. Address the buyers pain points and uncover the ideal solutions to address their concerns. Finding the right offer to send to a specific market segment requires testing. Send messages that include: guarantees, financing, and discounts to determine what motivates your market to purchase. Results need to be analyzed and applied for each unique offer, market segment and, or client.

Consider buyer motivations:

  • Fear of loss in their current situation
  • Perceived risk of deteriorating situation
  • An opportunity to improve the situation

The first point, “fear of loss”, is the easiest point to sell into. Please continue to ask questions until you get to the first, or second point.

The other side of offer creation and buyer motivation is “What’s in it for me?”:

  • It’s their job
  • Recognition
  • Security
  • Compensation
  • Self-Actualization

Most companies focus more on features and less on benefits; this should be the first place you look to change messages and position offers, which will, in turn, increase and improve leads.