Are your close ratios declining while your “no decisions” are rising? Is Sales asking for new marketing collateral without a reason? Then these might be signs of inconsistent messaging. This can slow down lead generation. In order to speed up lead generation, you need consistent messaging. This is easier said than done. Consistent messaging comes from the JOINT efforts of Sales and Marketing. Both need to work together to form a message based on the customer’s point of view.

Work the message from the ground up by looking at the customer’s perspective from the point of engagement to sale. Try to change the message according to the desires of the prospect, instead of changing the prospect’s desires to want a product.

There are five steps to form consistent messaging:

Step 1. Gather workers within the business who “touch the customer experience.” So that each angle of the interaction between the customer and the organization is analyzed.

Step 2. Together identify:Lead Generation
• What the prospect is responsible for in his or her job
• What the prospect gets measured on
• What keeps the prospect up at night

Asking these questions will make your messaging more personal.

Step 3. Recognize undervalued threats. Instead of pointing out obvious problems the customer sees, identify points that customers fail to appreciate about your product.

Step 4. Create a message based on the understanding of your prospect and the underappreciated problems. Show the prospect how valuable these unseen aspects were.

Step 5. Test out your new messaging on sales professionals and select clients. If it works for them, then you are good to go!

With consistent messaging that engages the customer’s view, you can communicate how and why your product works for them. This clear-cut communication will increase the prospect’s understanding of your product, which will result in faster lead generation.