Effectively identifying, reaching and qualifying your target market is extremely difficult. Efficiency is important in these steps: to identify your target market think about who needs and/or would receive value from your business offerings. Reaching your target market takes testing. Finding and applying a great analytic tool like Google Analytics will generate solid market research allowing you to track and understand what interests your prospect base. These analytics will give you the keys to generate more inquiries out of your campaigns. Research is invaluable in the continual growth of your business and will be valuable to you in years to come.

Research drives content and content drives the qualified leads through your pipelines.  Converting leads to customers requires a careful qualification process.. Did you know that you can qualify potential prospects and shorten your sales pipelines simply by creating different content? Creating content with actionable offerings that is valuable to your target customer will increase your conversion rates. This content drives everything from Search Engine Optimization (SEO FACT – When your website attracts more interest then you will receive and generate more traffic consistently into the future.)  to email campaigns. Without a clearly communicated, specific and valuable proposition to your customer then the sales pipeline will get plugged.

Delivering this content to the right people over and over again will generate sales. It is truly a numbers game. A sustainable business will generate a consistent flow of new sales leads: self qualified leads that have been pulled in and have asked for your information. We all know It is valuable to interact with prospects personally using direct mail, phone and email, but only when they have been sufficiently qualified, or it simply becomes a waste of time.

Appropriately managing your marketing pipeline – allows for efficiency in marketing best practices: response management, personal delivery and interactive messaging. An efficient system for prospect management is essential in effectively creating a more efficient and effective conversion rate, while also shortening your sales pipeline.

This is a fundamental post: I hope that you use it as a springboard in your marketing and sales endeavors. These points will help you to continually create qualified leads and deliver information to your market generating more traffic and interest in your business offerings. Now that is a sustainable ROI/Bottom Line Based marketing initiative!

~Travis Piepho