Studies have shown that it can cost up to 5 times more to win over a new customer than it does to serve existing ones.  With that being said, each customer should be treated like they are the best customer.  Not only is upselling practically effortless since the hard part of selling yourself, services, products, and solutions, along with establishing a rapport with the customer has already taken place, but it is also highly profitable.  Treating each customer like they are a top prospect naturally attracts the customer to want more of your product.  Therefore, DO NOT take a customer for granted.  Here are 4 upselling techniques that will make customers feel like the top prospect and want more of your product.

  • Understand Their Needs – LISTEN to your customer.  In order to understand and what a customer needs and wants, it is crucial to listen carefully so that you know how to satisfy THEIR needs.  Understanding your customers involves talking with them consistently and hearing their issues so that you can satisfy them.  Remember, a relationship goes two ways, and listening and accompanying the needs of the other will yield great results.
  • Offer Solutions, Don’t sell. – After carefully listening to your customers needs, do not think about using a sales pitch to satisfy them, but think about a solution that will make the customer feel like they are being treated with top care.  Offer a couple options and alternatives and how they can benefit the customer’s needs.  Educating your customers will help them see the true value of what they are being offered and they will know the advantages to each solution. Do this and it will make the customer feel well taken care of, and will result in them coming back for more solutions to their problems.
  • Privileges – Customers should be the first ones to hear about any new events, products, or services and so on.  They will feel very important knowing they are being thought of and treated like they are the top prospects.  Tools such as company  newsletters can be sent out to customers giving them privileged insight on the “cool and new stuff” (as customers would say) that is happening in the company.  Who doesn’t like privileges?
  • Don’t Overload – Be careful with how much information and communication you provide to your customers.  You do not want to push them away with too much information that they feel overwhelmed.  A relationship with a customer can be applied to a dating relationship.  You don’t want to be too forward and bothersome withthe one you are dating, especially too soon, because thiswould annoy them and cause them to them to not answer your calls.

Author: Michael Whartnaby, Prospectr Marketing