Do you get the results you want from your content marketing?

Maybe you do.

But, if you try some different tactics and techniques, you may be able to pick up some leads that you couldn’t get before.

Technically, lead generation with content marketing is never done. You can always do something to improve your results.

Consider using some of these tactics to improve the quality of leads you get:

1. Teach Your Prospects Something New about Their Business

Whenever you market, “new” and “different” gets attention. Your prospects get bombarded by the same old messaging from dozens of sources daily.

So, why not teach them something new about their business? After all, CEB has researched what influences decision making in B2B buying, and they’ve found this approach works.

Actually, you also need to give your prospects a compelling case for changing their current behavior too. Combine those two tactics, and you’ve got a recipe for content marketing success.

2. Understand Your Audience and Goal

Technically, learning your audience never ends. But, you need to understand your audience well enough such that you can solve their most pressing problems and challenges.

You’ll certainly learn more about them along the way.

In some cases, you’ll find they don’t know why they need your service or products. So, much of your marketing will be spend on educating them on the benefits of what you offer.

By the way, don’t make your goal to be the “thought leader.” Referring again to that CEB Group research, taking that approach simply doesn’t work.

3. Measure and Track Everything

In content marketing, this is the biggest challenge for nearly every marketer. But, it’s totally possible to do – and have a reasonable degree of accuracy.

First, you have to figure out how you will attribute success in your marketing. What percentage of generating the lead should go to a blog post, white paper, case study, and so on?

Avinash Kaushik wrote an excellent article on attribution.

What metrics should you even measure? Next steps. It’s hard to get any kind of B2B or B2C customer to take the next action you want.

How do you measure it? Google Analytics is all you need.

4. Have a Unique Brand Voice

“Professional” is not a voice. Many businesses want to sound the same – factual and straightforward.

Don’t be afraid to liven things up a little. Use broken sentences. Ones like this.

Tell jokes occasionally. Warren Buffet does it in his newsletters to investors. He even pokes fun of his partner Charlie Munger.

Take a staunch stance on a controversial topic.

These tactics make you unique. You stand out. And you get attention. They’re a sure-fire recipe for success.

Never Worry About Your Content Marketing Results Again

If you employ those tactics throughout your content marketing, you’re almost guaranteed better results.

Add them in where they make sense. And keep the rewards for yourself.