It doesn’t matter if you are a teleprospector or a sales person, the way you organize your assigned accounts will always be up to you. To ensure you have the proper oversight of your accounts, they should be organized so they benefit both you and your team. Looking from within a CRM, there are five list views that you should develop in order to guarantee that you have correct overseeing of your accounts:

Interested/Nurture Account View: When it comes to sales reps, accessing both short-term and long-term sales pipelines are often required at a moments notice. One suggestion for easy access and clear organization is to flag them according to the (re)engagement time. For example, if (re)engagement time is less than 2 months, flag ones under that amount of time as Interested and over that time as Nurture.

Dream Account Target View: At times you can have one list view or several other list views that hold thousands of contacts and many companies. To narrow it down, it is a good idea to form a more targeted list that pertains to individuals or companies that ideally fit the mold for your product. This list can simply be delegated by employee size, industry, revenue, etc. The point is to not make it complicated. This list helps you not go out prospecting blindly.

Activity Report: Record how many emails and phone calls you are making each day and see how the numbers relate. If you are making one phone call for every 4 emails and not meeting your goal, the solution clearly is to pick up your phone and start making calls.

Lead Feedback Report: Tracking both positive and negative feedback on your Stage 1 scheduled calls or demos can help you identify trends. Updating your CRM with this information can help you establish how to better qualify your potential prospects. Write a small report for your records to track down if an appointment occurred, if they need to reschedule, details from the call and what steps need to be taken next.

Untouched Accounts View: Knowing the accounts you haven’t touched and how many is a good idea in order to best reach each new contact. To switch up your call cycle and expand your prospects, simply add a few new accounts in each day. Also, if you do any mass email campaigning that would be a great time to use this list to distribute an introductory or referral email since they haven’t been touched.

As you oversee and analyze your accounts you will become more self-sufficient within your CRM and will be better prepared to uncover new prospect opportunities. These accounts will always be relayed back to you, so take ownership and organize them!