When your company is faced with the question of whether to take up lead generation internally or outsource it to a lead generation company, you need to weigh the pros and cons of both the approaches. It is mostly about saving time and money, and which approach saves cost or makes more profit for you in the end. But with growing volumes and size, hiring a lead generation company seems like a better bet.

To grow your company, the main thing you need to invest in is to acquire new customers and expand horizontally. As you start to expand, you need more and more people to handle the sales volumes. As you start growing you need someone to pre-screen your leads and find potential customers. Then you have a sales specialist, who can make the actual sale. This increases the number of people required to do one job. The whole activity of hiring and paying so many employees takes some more people, and in total, increases the costs for the company.

On the other hand, if you outsource the pre-screening of leads to a lead generation company, you can pay a fixed price for their services and do with much lesser number of people in the company. Also, you can use the services as and when you want them. If you hire employees you cannot fire them easily as you cannot predict the market conditions of supply and demand. Also rehiring is an additional costly activity.

Another important benefit of taking the services of a lead generation company is the expertise in generating leads. Your company might not have any skills in the new online methods of lead generation and you need an expert to help you utilize that path. The lead generation company can help you decide on the approaches that best suit your requirements.

Thus, a lead generation company can really help you cut down on costs in the long run and help you generate leads using most effective lead generation techniques.

Purba Mazumdar, Prospectr Marketing