Sometimes businesses focus so much on their current clients and trying to find new prospects that they don’t pay nearly enough attention to converting the prospects they have already acclaimed into clients.  The list of prospects that your company grows and labels as prospective clients should be treated as the biggest asset, because without prospects, you wouldn’t have any clients, and without clients, well, you wouldn’t have your business, to say the least.  Yes, obtaining prospects can be a challenge and it is important.  However, converting your current prospects to clients is the most important aspect of business development.  Some businesses struggle more than others when it comes to this vital process.  Here are some techniques that will help converting your best assets into clients, and then have them coming back for more.

  • Build Relationships – Understand your audience so you know how to fill your content, and add the correct relevancy.  Also, build value and respect with your list.  Provide great material, most importantly, appreciate the person behind the company you are proposing to.
  • Choose a Promotion – Once you determine a target niche, you should know what benefits them the most.  Figure this out (surveys, email, and phone are useful in this stage), and then you can promote a service or a product towards the solution that they are looking for.  Remember, don’t promote every single thing you have to offer, it will cause them to feel like any other prospect.  We want them to feel special.
  • Subject Lines – Build an interest with your subject line.  Be creative but don’t exaggerate.  We want them to open the email, not put in the trash.  With tons of emails coming in, the subject line shouldn’t be boring and dull.
  • Provide Links – It is very important to provide links to your products and services within your email.  Make it easy and convenient for your prospects to see your services.
  • Consistency and Patience is Key – Remember that these prospects could turn into long-term clients that provide you with big business.  So why rush it? Be patient and consistent with your prospect list, and put the effort into your prospects.

Author: Michael Whartnaby, Prospectr Marketing