Email Marketing Lessons Learned:

  1. Emails to prospects should be personal and address the needs of the person receiving the message.
  2. Multiple touch points can enable a company to refine the target group and find those that will be most interested in your products/services.
  3. Get the prospect interested in contacting you by leveraging the thought leadership you already have.
  4. Email marketing works well, if the proper techniques and methodologies are applied.
  5. A personalized landing page and URL (PURL) and variable image personalization work well to increase conversion rates.
  6. Full contact level data for opens, clicks, and landing page drop offs can be a very helpful re marketing tool establishing 30-40% conversion rates.
  7. Not eMarketing, use eProspecting: multi-touchpoint thread of messages, few external links – text-based messages, messages to prospects are from a named salesperson, or persona, actively monitored – immediate replies that are specific and personalized.
Travis Piepho is a founding partner at Prospectr Marketing. Prospectr Marketing is a premier lead generation company focused on providing demand generation from start to finish for its clients on a performance-based model.