Facebook is an excellent solution for reaching out to a large audience.  The social networking monster is becoming more and more popular for companies as a way to market their business.  Their audiences are provided with information that is very accessible and it is easy for them to engage since Facebook is so big.  Since there are over 500 million users on Facebook, relationships with potential prospects and customers are easy to build.  However, businesses fail to realize that just like any other marketing tactic there are methods and procedure for successfully utilizing Facebook.  You can’t just create a page and hope it works.  Companies fail on Facebook because of they make stupid marketing mistakes.  Here are the biggest Facebook marketing mistakes made by companies:

  • Start then Stop – Companies tend to create an account and then stop.  They remain inactive and expect to gain followers magically and have their “likes” increase.  You need to be active and gain followers and fans so you have people to reach out to.
  • Information – Fill out as much information as possible.  Facebook users will visit your Facebook page before they even know what your website is called.  Therefore, it is important to inform users as much as possible about your company on your Facebook page.  Don’t be shy.
  • Cover Photo – Don’t use a wrong cover photo.  By this I mean that there are guidelines for the photo you use.  It cannot contain a call to action, and if it does then your page will be suspended.  Obviously, you should make the photo enticing because it will complement your brand and stick in viewers’ minds.  Switching the photo every now and wouldn’t be a bad idea.
  • Annoyance – Posting too much is a good way to lose fans and followers as well as getting your page block.  No one wants to be overwhelmed with updated statuses or posts, it is simply annoying.  Limit your company’s posts to one per day, but make it a variety of things.  Photos, polls, questions, or articles are a good selection of variety.
  • Contests – There are rules to abide by when hosting contents for your fan base on Facebook.  Be sure to know the rules so that your contest doesn’t get shut down in the middle of it.  I can guarantee that you will be hearing it from your fan base if it does.

If you are aware of these common Facebook marketing mistakes, then make sure history doesn’t repeat itself.  Your Facebook marketing strategies will be a successful experience for your company if the effort is put in.

Author: Michael Whartnaby, Prospectr Marketing