After years of partnering with over 50 cleaning companies from across the country and listening to their challenges and successes, we want to share how cleaning company owners go from drowning in work to enjoying the freedoms of being your own boss.

The cleaning industry can be very lucrative. Finding the right customers will lead to longevity, referrals, and great margins. Step one is finding the right potential customers and generating interest. The strategies for this step will pave the way for years of success or years of struggle.

You are NOT alone if you have experienced the below:

– Showing up to cleaning appointments that were made to simply get the telemarketer off the phone and is a complete waste of time.

– The frustration of receiving leads in markets and territories that have no value.

– “Leads” delivered and paid for who have no need for cleaning services and have no understanding of what the cleaning company has to offer.

– Too much time and resources invested in gaining customers that it would take decades to see ROI.

How do you find the right potential customers, generate interest, and efficiently close accounts?

Calling centers or inside sales can identify the right customers to be sure, but cold calling fails at an alarming rate or brings about phantom appointments that leave us wondering how can we make this easier. And would you rather have you and your top sales team closing deals or taking time generating leads? You certainly do not have time to go door to door hoping to find the owner has time to meet.

The path to success starts with getting around the gatekeepers to the decision makers. We at Prospectr Marketing are able to secure updated methods and up to date contact information to reach your target audience and avoid the rabbit holes of gate keepers. One method is through email. Email is still the most efficient method to reach busy professionals just like you. Step 1 is obtaining an efficient method to reach out to your preferred target audience.

Step 2: You know better than anyone that Not every cleaning company is created equal right!!?? Step 2 is crafting a message that will resonate as personal and professional and differentiate your company. We understand how to build trust, keep the attention of the reader, and highlight your value. We put our method under the microscope, obtaining analytics that direct our strategy. Your message will trigger an immediate response from the reader and spark an interest in your company.

Step 3: We have identified the right target market with the right message, now we have to decide the opportune time to hit the inbox. Years of testing has given us invaluable insights about when decision makers in charge of the cleaning responsibilities are most prone to respond to an email. Day of the week, time of the day and subject lines are areas where we excel.

We at Prospectr Marketing partner with cleaning companies to capture your value, brand, and trust within digital marketing campaigns. The efficiency and simplicity is what stands out to most owners. We find the potential customers, write the messages, send the messages, monitor the responses, filter the responses, and send the leads to you. Leads have a genuine interest and need in your services. All you are required to do is approve the messages, and monitor your email as leads are sent your way. One cleaning company even closed 4 of their first 5 leads that totaled over 15K/month in recurring revenue. We can be your ticket to shortened, efficient sales cycles and allow you to focus on the most important parts of running your business.

Our goal is to help you transition quickly from grinding out workweeks and staying afloat to enjoying your paradise that you have worked so hard to find.