Whether your best potential client is on the same street or halfway across the globe, navigating
the new norms of marketing has been challenging for many companies. Limited face to face
meeting options, travel apprehension, and health concerns are on the minds of business owners
and consumers now more than ever. April figures showed business travel plummeted, and hotel
occupancy was down 70 % compared to a year ago according to a post from Jane Levere with
the NY times.

Bottom line: Your business has a lot to offer, and people need to know about it.

Here’s how we focus your value in the right areas:

We have digital marketing solutions that ensure you create connections and partnerships with
your best potential clients.

Digital marketing and email marketing provide a trusted platform for you to build solid
partnerships with other businesses up the road or across the country. Additionally, we can find
target companies and potential partnerships for you that were potentially not on your radar and
connect you with them. Now could be a great time to build that trust. We will manage this entire
process and pass over potential partners who understand your value and here is the key:

They have communicated interest in what you can do for them.

Marketing has changed, and we at Prospectr Marketing would like an opportunity to help your
business grow and navigate these new norms for your company.