RevEngine™ is the most comprehensive and most cost-effective revenue generation platform on the market. It will help your company create campaigns, build marketing tools, and sell to prospects. Through many different online tools and strategies, RevEngine™ helps your company stand out to your target audience. Along with the app comes a 60-day training and introductory program to using RevEngine™. During this program, the team will walk you through all of the ins and outs of using RevEngine™, and also challenge you to up your sales and marketing tactics using the app. Throughout the entire 60-day training and after it is completed the RevEngine™ team is on call and ready to help with any issues or questions that may arise. RevEngine™ will help you understand how to best reach your prospects and engage with them through user-friendly interfaces and building tools. RevEngine™ can replace the hassle of paying for and owning different systems for your CRM, landing pages, calendar management, and phone technology by putting them all in one central location.

The program will teach you how to send out bulk requests to your lead list daily to engage prospects and stay on top of leads. These emails, texts, or voicemails will help to boost your visibility to your target audience. We will remind you every day to send out new bulk requests to grow your lead list. We will also help you build and understand your Opportunities Dashboard, an easy-to-understand and visual layout of your conversations, leads, goals, and tasks. We will help to remind you to add to this and build it out daily so that it represents the current state of your campaigns and organization. The RevEngine™ app comes equipped with many visual features, including setting up funnels, your own website, and custom-built surveys. Funnels and websites can be connected to your marketing campaigns to direct leads through your system seamlessly. Funnels will help you keep track of your prospects and leads in an organized and easy-to-understand way. Websites can be built out to match your organization’s experience with easy-to-use tools. The RevEngine™ program has the flexibility you need with different options for running your campaigns. You may either run it yourself, have us help you run it, or hand over the reins to us completely. We offer a variety of options for all types of businesses so no matter how much time you have, you can still use RevEngine™.

Building a survey or review widget to add to your emails or website is simple and quick. RevEngine™ can walk you through linking your Google My Business account and company website to the program to easily send your leads to. Linking all media platforms to the account will help to simplify collecting data and understanding leads from different sources.
Calling, texting, and leaving voicemails for potential customers can be an intimidating task. Using RevEngine™’s software makes contacting leads simple through phone calls, automated texts, and whisper messages. You will be able to program your system to leave a custom voicemail for leads or text a prospect to contact them quickly through trigger links. Trigger links set up through your campaigns and funnels will trigger RevEngine™ to send a text or whisper message to your lead when you want it to. RevEngine™ also allows you to set up multiple users on the program with custom roles so that your sales team can receive and answer phone calls from leads. If automated phone calls are set up, RevEngine™ will ping you and your staff to contact a lead at their time of interest. This will allow the lead to get information about your business when they are interested, instead of hours or days after.

Setting up a lead and contact base can be difficult and time-consuming. The RevEngine™ team will help you understand how to connect your LinkedIn connections and existing contact base to your RevEngine™ account. The program is set up to import already established contacts to simplify the process of adding new contacts into the account. With these lists, RevEngine™ will help you set up custom tags and niche lists to sort through and engage with your contacts. Through tags and lists, you are able to send different campaigns to different people depending on their previous interactions with your organization. This tool helps to narrow leads down and keep you organized and on top of potential business.

The RevEngine™ app is a great tool that puts all of your marketing functions into one place. The RevEngine™ team is always available to help walk you through any difficulties that you may be having and can set up any additional widgets or programs you may want such as landing pages, and creative email messages. The 60-day tutorial and challenge helps to remind you to re-engage customers and old leads, contact new people, and stay on top of your to-do list. The program has in-depth videos that usually only take 5-10 minutes to watch a day. The RevEngine™ system will help to make your calendar, contacts, and organization’s goals easy to visualize and interact with.

RevEngine™ is the marketing solution you are looking for. It is a comprehensive and all inclusive program that allows you to run marketing campaigns easily. The RevEngine™ allows you to be as hands on or hands off as you want to be with marketing in your organization. The program will help you connect with prospects and increase your leads. RevEngine™ will help to significantly reduce your costs by combining all marketing services into 1 platform. RevEngine™ combines numerous systems that are normally expensive and hard to manage such as CRM, landing pages, phone technology, calendar services into one place. To pay for all of the marketing tools that RevEngine™ replaces would traditionally cost more than $17,000 a month. RevEngine™ ‘s software is a cost effective solution at costing as low as under $300 a month. Purchasing RevEngine™ includes a 60-day training program for a new user with the team on call at any time. During the program and any time after the RevEngine™ team is available to answer any questions or issues that may come up. RevEngine™ has a variety of widgets and tools available to use that are accessible and easy to learn. Your marketing goals can be achieved in an easier and concise way using RevEngine™ ‘s platform and programming.