Your sales funnel can be as simple or complex as you want it.

Software companies…I’m looking at you!

But, it gets awfully tricky to manage and test your sales funnel for max conversions.

Use these tips to make that happen:

1. Completely Blow Up Your Prospect’s Assumptions

Every business, industry, or niche, has a standard way of thinking. Everyone believes roughly the same thing.

A great way to win get more sales coming out of your funnel is to take a stance or opinion counter to that. Now, notice that you don’t have to be extreme, in-your-face, or opinionated.

You don’t have to be the odd loner who ruffles everyone’s feathers. But, if you disagree respectfully and have strong reasons for doing so, that can shoot your sales through the roof.

Research by CEB published at Harvard Business Review shows the way to get attention, especially with content, is to teach customers something new about their business and give them a compelling business case for change. Most businesses believe that simply by publishing smart content, they’ll get all the attention they want.

2. Know Your Ideal Prospect Specifically 

Who is it that you really sell to? To get your sales funnel to work, you need to know your target prospect with nearly 100% accuracy.

That means you know their typical job title, the size and type of company they work for, and primary concerns. Often, sales funnels do not target the right customer.

If you don’t know this information, then you must find it ASAP.

3. Use More Human-To-Human Interaction

Yes, e-mail marketing has a ridiculous 3800 – 4300% ROI, or whatever the latest number is.

That’s true.

And you should certainly include automated emails in your sales follow-up. You should reach out with personal ones too.

But, many sales teams fall victim to using e-mail exclusively.

Big mistake.

The value in follow-up comes from creativity and consistency. That’s what your prospects respond to.

Because, they get 100+ emails every day. So, they get bored seeing the same old thing over and over.

Give ’em a call. Several times.

Meet in person where possible.

It does make a huge difference in the effectiveness of your sales cycle.

4. Add Value with Every Interaction

Again, your prospects see the same thing over and over here. E-mails and phone calls say,”Hope you are well. I’m just following up/checking in/reaching out/touching base on our last contact.”


Prospects don’t like when you focus on what’s in it for you all the time.

Instead, give them something in every interaction. It could be a useful piece of content, a helpful business tip, or your sympathy on a business or personal struggle.

Doesn’t have to be big.

But, if you follow-up that way consistently, you stand out like a sore thumb because no one else does it.

Stick To 4 Those Principles and You’ll Have More Leads Eager to Buy From You

It’s difficult to optimize any sales funnel. But if you include those 4 principles in each step, you’ll have more leads coming to you than ever before.