Do successful sales people have “secrets” and “tricks” they follow that others don’t?

Well sort of…

What they do isn’t all that common. But, many of the things they do don’t qualify as “magical” or “special” things only they can do.

You may not have the potential to be one of the all-time greats like Zig Ziglar. But if you do these things, you can certainly make a well-above-average living.

Do this to boost your success today:

1. Create, Test, & Refine a Successful Process

See what I mean? Nothing overly amazing with this tip.

But get this: many salespeople don’t use it. Many companies don’t have well-defined processes their salespeople should follow.

Some superstars can “wing it” successfully. Most can’t.

Even if your company has no process, develop your own. At least it boosts your success.

And if you’re lucky, you have something to share with your boss. You might look like a superhero to your entire company some day.

2. Understand Service is the Real Measure of Success

With “service,” I mean you always do what’s in everyone else’s best interest first. That means, if a certain service or product isn’t in your customer’s best interest, you tell them that.

And you do that even if you’ve spent months working on the relationship and just found out. That builds trust and goodwill in your client’s mind. You may not earn referrals from this client, but you get what you give eventually.

Another way to focus on service is helping your sales teammates win. If you find a tactic that closes sales like crazy, share it with them.

3. You Love to Hear “No” from Your Prospects and Customers

In one sense, this is good because now you can save time and move on to another prospect. But, it could also show that something in your process needs fine-tuning.

Odds are that if one prospect thinks it, 1000 others do too. So if you make a change that allows the relationship to progress, you may open up a whole new profit center for yourself and your company.

4. You Have a Different Morning Routine

What’s your morning routine look like? Do you hear the alarm clock and sleepily hit “snooze” a few times before you roll out of your bed and struggle just to stand up?

That’s the way the morning starts for million of Americans. And most people get typical results.

So to get extraordinary results, you have to do something truly different. Sales pro Anthony Iannarino does this:

  1. Wakes up at 5 AM on weekdays, 6:30 AM on weekends
  2. Sets up coffee brewing the night before because the smell helps him get out of bed
  3. Does 15 minutes of affirmations/meditations that put him on a positive track for the day
  4. Writes what he observes and is grateful for 10 minutes each morning
  5. Runs 6-7 days per week, for at least 35 minutes each time, and sometimes up to 1 hour and 42 minutes


That sounds profoundly different from the typical morning and daily routine, doesn’t it?

Know What Most People Do and Try Something Else

That’s the recipe for success anywhere in life! What new things could you try today to set yourself on a path of success?