Some of the most prominent brands in the world are defined and recognized by their colors.  McDonald’s golden arches, Coca-Cola’s red, and UPS’s brown to name a few.  Many of the most successful companies strategically incorporate their colors into their website, logo, and product to appeal to customers.  The color of a brand sticks sometimes more than their own product in consumers’ minds, therefore, making it extremely important when thinking about how to utilize colors for your brand.  As a business to business marketer it is important to understand that different colors provoke different reactions.  If you are having trouble deciding which color will have the biggest impact, or the color that will fit your brand the best, then take a look at the rundown of colors and what they all mean:

Red – Agressive, energetic, attention-grabbing, bold, powerful, and provocative.

Blue – Trustworthy, dependable, responsible, secure, stabile, freedom, and smart.

Green – Wealth, health, prestige, serenity, natural, organic, and calming.

Purple – Sophistication, mystery, royalty, nostalgia, spirituality, romantic, elegant, and sensual.

Yellow – Positivity, light, warmth, motivation, creativity, optimism, energetic, cheerful, and fun.

Brown – Earth-like, simplistic, durable, stability, warm, and upscale.

Colors stimulate the senses and instantly convey messages making it crucial in creating a positive image for customers.  Your color should set you apart and there should be a lot of thought when deciding the dominant color for your brand.

Author: Michael Whartnaby, Prospectr Marketing