At first, you might have a little skepticism about this blog post’s title.

Sounds a little manipulative, doesn’t it?

Like, maybe it’s a big promise that you don’t actually get the value of.

Well, it’s not.

It’s meant to be an alluring title.

But, you can do some things to heat prospects up fast.

Here’s a few:

1. Have Detailed Stories on Hand for Your Various Customer Personas

Customer stories, also called “success stories” or the more mundane “case studies,” have amazing lead generation power. In fact, written right, they can bypass nearly the entire sales cycle and literally almost close your leads for.

What makes them work?

Though they typically only run 800-1200 words, they can be quite a complex document. Basically, your prospect needs to be able to see themselves in your success story. You must be able to solve the same problem they have, in a department their size, at a company their size, and for a company within their niche.

When they see that, they have no doubt you can solve the problem because you’ve already showed them how.

Add in a testimonial or two, discuss some of the implementation mistakes you made, close with a persuasive CTA, and you have a lethal sales weapon.

2. Personalization in Email Lead Nurturing

The more you can show a customer you get their situation and have already solved their specific problem, the more effective your marketing communication will be. With emails, for example, one Experian study found personalized emails drive 6 times more revenue than generic email blasts.

How do you personalize in email?

Many ways:

  1. By problem, industry, or role
  2. Autoresponder campaigns when prospects take various actions on your website (downloading a white paper or case study,  signing up for a demo, or joining your email list)
  3. When someone clicks on a link in your direct emails

3. Ask Intelligent Questions

Say your sales team has your prospect on the phone. The best thing they can do any time they talk to a prospect is to gain an accurate understanding of their problem.

Ideally, your content will have already uncovered some of that. But, your sales team member should also do background research on your prospect before talking to them.

They should come prepared with questions designed to help them understand your prospect’s situation.

The better they understand it, the faster they can identify how good of a fit a prospect is for your company. Good prospects love challenging questions and will recognize you’re amazing at what you do when you ask them the right ones.

Yes, You Can Heat Up Your Leads

Now, you understand how to heat up your leads. You’ll close them faster, and they’ll be willing to pay more.

Of course, these aren’t all the tactics you can use to heat up your leads.

So stay tuned.