Without web analytics, marketers would be blind to how their websites and content are daily performing. These numbers help us assess our business in where we need to add or take away. This is a sampling of the analytics we have today and where improvements can be made.

Page Depth
Page depth can tell you the number of visitors that access your website and the trends happening within the market place. It does not tell you which visitors are viewing your high value content, pricing page, or product feature comparisons.
By starting to look exactly at what type of people are visiting your pages, then you will be able to treat these contacts in different ways. Finding out who is the IT guy or who is cost conscious, will help you effectively communicate the information you give each one your prospects.

Repeat Visitors
Google analytics is an easy way to discover how much traffic is coming from repeated visitors. This information is helpful for you general data, but when you are selling complex services you need to go further.
Being conscious of who these visitors are will let marketers know just how serious each buyer is and exactly where they are in the buying process. With this information you can form a tailored landing page with content that nudges the buyer along.

Referral Sources
Web analytics also tell you the percentage of people that are from LinkedIn or Facebook. Marketers need this knowledge to create specific channels that have modified messaging for certain buyers.
Delivering content that is specialized to visitors from different sources will add a personal touch to your message and a distinct relevance to the visitor.

The data that web analytics offer is helpful, but it is also simple. A marketer should dig deeper into who is who, what are they looking at, and how many times they are looking at it. Using tools like marketing automation and social monitoring can help you in this process. This will help you go beyond the numbers that are offered to you, so in turn you can improve your business.

~ Chelsea Jensen, Prospectr Marketing