We know by now that our internet footprint is an important tool to leverage business. If someone Googles your name or company, and nothing comes up, RED FLAG. Nobody wants to do business today with someone who doesn’t even have a website. I know when I get to a new page, the first place I always check out is the “about” tab.
An interesting trend that is popping up on more and more company websites is the “blog” tab; a little corner of the internet where this particular business posts about their expertise (Hint: You’re on ours right now!)
I have a personal blog that I created to share my experience when I was in Europe. For better or worse, that blog now has virtual-tumbleweeds flowing across the screen. I didn’t have the time or, honestly, the desire to keep up with it at the time. So, what did that mean for my personal “brand?” I was no longer credible, because I was no longer relevant.
The same happens for company blogs, but even worse- I was selling my ideas, but your company is selling its product and/or service. What happens when the last blog you posted was 9 months ago? The internet thinks you’re irrelevant- or worse- out of business.
“But I’m not irrelevant!!” You say, “I was just busy!” We all get it, and blogging on your company website is probably last on your priority list. But, if you can, make sure to post every few weeks- it doesn’t need to be a novel or super exciting content. It’s a good time to update visitors on what your company’s up to, what’s relevant in the market, and so on. You may not see a direct return, but trust me, it will add credibility to your website like the static “about” page never will.
Chelsea Nolan
Prospectr Marketing