While many may believe that a company’s vision and mission statement are the same, they aren’t. One focuses on the future of the business. The other focuses on how the business is going to achieve that future. Having a clear vision statement and a mission statement are both so important to business success. Here’s why defining the what, how and why of your business matters:

Determining Your Company’s Future

Where do you want your small business to be in three or five years from now? Answering those questions is what shapes your business’s vision for what you want to be in the future. It’s the ultimate goal you’re trying to achieve that keeps you focused even when things get hard.
Without a clear vision, a small business is similar to a ship lost at sea, rudderless and aimlessly drifting with no clear direction to get home. You may be getting work done, but there’s no ultimate mission to accomplish. Your vision for your business should be the engine driving your business forward, constantly reminding you of where you want to go and what you ultimately want to achieve.

Providing A Template To Achieve Your Goals

As a small-business owner, pinpointing your company’s mission is key to your success. It’s easy to become distracted in the daily minutiae of running a business. Daily tasks can make you lose sight of your overall goals and why you began the business in the first place. This is where a clear and concise mission statement comes into play. While your company’s vision emphasizes the future, your mission statement acts as the road map to get you there.
This road map will determine the direction your business takes. You will use it to inform all of your business decisions, big and small, to stay on track to achieving the vision you have set forward. The mission statement will allow you to remind employees what they are working toward and why what they are doing is important to everyone’s success. It will also keep your attention on your long-term goals, ensuring the decisions you make today align with your future plans.

Working Together For Small-Business Success

When you combine a bold vision with a clear mission statement, you have a business that knows where it is going and how it is going to get there. Therefore, take the time to write clearly detailed vision and mission statements for your business. They will give you the blueprints you need to build the successful business you want.