Congratulations! The fact you’re even reading this post shows you pay attention to every detail as you interact with prospects.

And every detail counts.

Will a compelling e-mail signature close you millions in new business? Not a chance.

Could it be that “extra little boost” to the value you offer that helps just a few more prospects close?

You bet ya!

And it doesn’t take much time to write a compelling one when you know what to do.

What should yours do?

Find out below:

1. Your Signature Should Trigger Fear

Why would you want to give your prospects a good scare? Because, legendary marketers have conducted tests over and over again to see why prospects act.

And they’re always more likely to act because of fear. So, if you tell a group of 100 prospects about the benefits of your service, and then tell the same group of 100 prospects about the painful things that can happen when they don’t use it, you’ll get more to act from the second group every time.

This is a researched and proven fact. You can’t change or debate it. So, your signature needs to talk about your prospect’s number one fear.

2. Communicate Your Value

Many signatures focus on what the company does or offers.

For example: “The Leader in HR Software”

But think about that for a minute.

In almost every case, dozens of companies do what you do.

So, that doesn’t give your prospects any reason to do business with you versus your competitors.

After you get done discussing their top fear in your signature, then you can talk about the benefits you offer.

3. How Long Should You Spend on Your Signature?

You already know your business well. So, your signature doesn’t need to be a big project.

Write down 5-10 variations over the course of a few days.

Choose the one you think will be most effective for your prospects.

Maybe an hour of work total. But, could be much faster if you want.

4. Examples of Effective Signatures

What would an effective signature look like? Let’s take a look at some that discuss fears and offer benefits.

I don’t know these lines of business in particular, so this may not hit the number one fear or the precise top benefits. But it’s a good guess, and you can modify based on your deep understanding of your business:

  1. “Making bad hires that waste lots of time and money? Our recruiting software improves your hiring decisions, cuts hiring time by 30 days, and keeps employees at your business 34.9% longer.”
  2. “Confusing communication at your business results in lost customers, missed quarterly goals, and layoffs. Our software streamlines your communication so you close more business, avoid frustrating misunderstandings, and look good to your boss.”
  3. “We help you stop paying more taxes than you should. Use that capital to expand your business, hire better employees, and feel relaxed with more money available.”

Those are just examples. But you can see how they all start with a fear and end with benefits.

Simply apply the idea to your signature – and watch your e-mail response climb. Just fire up your e-mail analytics to prove it.