If it took you just a few minutes to get the direct contact information of almost any prospect, would you use that route?

Of course you would. Who wouldn’t? Nobody likes wasting hours trying to find the direct contact information of any prospect.

Fortunately, the internet makes it easy, and basically free.

Check out this simple process for finding the direct contact information for any prospect in the United States:

1. Start with Datanyze

This app’s a free Chrome extension. It has paid versions that reveal more information. But, it’s a great starting point because it has the most accurate information of any business database I know.

It’s not 100% perfect. But it’s close.

It’s stuipid-simple to use. Dare I say idiot proof?

All you do is enter in the company’s web address. Then…BOOM! the information comes up. You’ll know the names and positions of most people at the company, the company’s physical address, and their e-mail address.

2. With Accurate Data, Now You Can Flesh Your Information Out

Next, go to ZoomInfo.com. It’s a free website with business contact information. The one thing it often has that Datanyze never does is a direct phone number.

ZoomInfo gives you 100 contacts free per month. On day 1 of the next month, you get 100 more. They don’t add up – use ’em or lose ’em. When your free contacts run out at Datanyze, hop over to ZoomInfo. That’s 1200 contacts per year…which isn’t too bad!

The information at ZoomInfo isn’t 100% perfect, either. But it’s mostly accurate. And among all the different business information databases, which can sometimes be wildly out of date, it’s one of the best.

By the way, both ZoomInfo and Datanyze offer you more contacts and information when you pay. And they’re relatively affordable, costing around a few hundred bucks per year or so.

3. Find that Lead Picks up Where Datanyze Leaves Off

Now with Datanyze, they give you 10 free e-mail addresses per month. Once you burn through those, you have to wait until next month.

Fortunately, Find That Lead, another free Chrome extension, takes its place Datanyze will also give you direct links to contact LinkedIn profiles.

So first, check their profile to see if they have their contact information on it (happens sometimes, like 5-10% of the time). If you can’t find it, simply press on the “Find That Lead” extension, hit a button, and you get your prospect’s e-mail address.

4. Save Time, Make More Deals, and Blow Away Your Monthly Quota

A the end of the day, this is what prospecting is all about isn’t it? Besides having a clear understanding of your prospect and their problem, having a quality list is super-important to your success.

And this is the simplest, fastest, and most accurate way I know to build an effective one, or get around that unruly gatekeeper..

Try it out and let me know how it goes!