While many agencies promise high-quality leads and an effective internet marketing strategy for your business, few have the resources and expertise to deliver on these promises. That’s where the Prospectr team comes into the picture. With over 30 years of experience, we work with clients from over 40 industries, producing a proven track record of success with lead generation and digital marketing.

While we offer a variety of digital marketing services, we specialize in email marketing, pairing email strategy with digital services to help you expand your business. We know that digital marketing is about more than just targeting keywords with SEO tactics or paying for a PPC program – email marketing is an essential tool for companies to develop their digital strategy.

As an agency with a proven track record, we knew it was time for us to expand our online presence, both to advertise our service offerings and collect feedback from past and current clients. Clutch.co is a B2B ratings and reviews platform that allows us to achieve both of those goals and more. Our profile displays reviews of our work, which are created by Clutch analysts via phone conversations with past and current clients of ours.

Companies that are listed on Clutch are ranked according to these reviews as well as a handful of other factors like service focus areas, market presence, social media channels, and past and current clientele and work as shown through a portfolio. Although we have recently joined Clutch, we already hold the #2 spot on their list of digital marketing agencies in Minneapolis! We are excited to hold this coveted spot and to continue to climb their ranks as we gain more reviews and expand upon our profile.

We already have some fantastic reviews on our profile, and we are excited to share them with you! One client, the CEO of a large financial firm, told Clutch, “They’ve provided numerous leads that we’ve converted into customers. As a result, their work has been instrumental in our organization’s growth.” He continued, “As a family-owned business, Prospectr’s friendly work ethic is consistent with our own values. They are trustworthy and amicable.”

Another client of ours, the regional manager of a commercial cleaning company, commented, “Since the start of our engagement with Prospectr, our numbers have improved significantly. We’re reliably closing on 30–40% of our leads, which is sensational for our industry. Compared to our results with cold-calling, we’re getting higher-quality leads that yield higher dollar value per month . . . . They’re worth every penny we’ve spent on their services.”

He continued, “The communication is efficient and simple. The amount of interaction required to keep the relationship alive and healthy is minimal. It’s been extremely easy for us to do business with them. They simply give us the leads and let us do the rest.”

We can’t wait to hear from more clients as we compete against other digital marketing agencies to be a leader on Clutch! Thank you to all of our clients who have spoken with Clutch so far and we look forward to hearing more from you so that we can continue to provide the best service possible.