Revenue Process Optimization and The New Drive for High Quality Data

Building an effective high performance revenue process requires the right frameworks, measurements and efforts to engage with prospects and guide them through the buying cycle. This process performs best when there is a continuous stream of clean data, continual analysis and adjustment, and prompt response when the warning signs indicate that performance is beginning to suffer

Perhaps the most important aspect of optimizing revenue performance is the quality of your marketing database. Only with clean data can you effectively define and target segments of buyers. If the data is consistent then you may build and route leads based on scoring. Only if the data is standard and normalized can your marketing analytics give you the business insights you need to optimize the revenue engine.

Data quality can be measured by three C’s:

  1. Consistency
  2. Complete
  3. Correct

The reason for the increased emphasis on data cleanliness is that all of the systems that enable us to understand our prospects, determine their location in the buying processes, and interact with them appropriately rely on automated systems driven by clean data.