You’ve already spent several hours memorizing the blank Google Doc on your screen. But regardless of how hard you will your fingers to begin typing, nothing of value shows up on the document. We are all familiar with the increasing anxiety of writer’s block damming up those creative juices from flowing.

The process of prying these writing blocks out of your mind is not actually a scientific process, but I believe our team at Prospectr Marketing has it down to a tee. Whether we are creating a digital media campaign or writing a blog post for a client, we know just how to fix this common problem.

Here are some of our tried and true techniques:

Do something active: we like to play floor hockey… A game with zero relation to writing. It increases your blood flow and the endorphins that will help you in your writing process.
LAUGH: call a friend who you know will make you laugh. Tell a funny story to your coworkers. Watch a goofy Youtube video.
Brainstorm: write a list of 20 questions you had this week that perhaps went unanswered about the project. Certainly there must be others who have had the same questions. Use this as a starting point.

Next time the deadline of an important client creative is looming, you need to stop staring at the computer and studying the information. This is not where you will find your inspiration, you’ve got to shake things up!

How have you gotten rid of writer’s block?