Twitter is a great way to expand your marketing efforts, and in many cases, you can’t afford not to be on Twitter. For example, statistics direct from Twitter indicate that 73 percent of small-business customers feel better about a business after reading its tweets. That said, building a large following takes time, investment and effort. Fortunately, there are some tried-and-true ways to gain more followers, beginning with your profile.

1. Focus on Your Profile

Keep your profile fresh. Update your profile and cover images at least a few times a year, and always update an image once an event promoted on it has concluded. As for the business bio, add URLs to convey more information in the limited space, and use hashtags.

2. Research the Best Hashtags

Twitter lists trending hashtags tailored for you on your homepage. These should be paid attention to; However, by using tools such as those at you can get even more information on global trends.

3. Use Pinned Tweets

Pinned tweets stay at the top of your profile page, and they can hugely boost engagement. You can even use a pinned tweet as an email form to entice consumers to sign up for a freebie in exchange for putting their name on your newsletter list. Change a pinned tweet about every week or so, and experiment with different types.

4. Pay Attention to Image Sizes

The best image size for Twitter is 1024 x 512 pixels. Post an image in any other size, and you risk important parts being cut off.

5. Go Link-Free (Sometimes)

People like to see tweets without links. They just carry less pressure and less of a “hard-sell” vibe. Quotes are good ideas for link-free posts, and instead of a typical attribution, you can use the “@


[name]” option if the person is on Twitter. In fact, people usually love it when you engage personally with them.

6. But Do Use Links

You do want to have quite a few posts with links, but strive for a good balance of retweets and educational/useful/fun content. Keep hard sells on the down low.

7. Run Promotions

Get more followers to your Twitter page by running promotions. For example, have a drawing for a gift card once your Twitter following reaches a certain number.

Bonus Tip: Include your Twitter handle on all of your marketing materials!

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