Critical Success in Sales Lead Generation

Generating quality sales leads is a critical success factor in achieving all companies’ revenue goals. Research shows that as an industry becomes more competitive, the need to generate high quality sales leads becomes even more critical for maintaining sales growth and profitability.

Sales Lead Generation Challenges

Sales Lead generation is a necessary function for any business that plans to grow. Whether you outsource your Lead Generation function or strengthen your internal Demand Generation process—the strategies, metrics and performance requirements should be the same.

  • Establish your Return on Investment (ROI) Requirement:

    If your field sales employees have a base salary of approximately $100,000-$150,000 and they are spending 25% or more of their time on the phone generating leads, this has a serious impact on your cost of sales and ROI.

  • Assess the Skills and Costs:

    Successful inside sales representatives must be skilled at encountering more rejection than the average field sales representative. The compensation for a skilled inside sales representative can be up to $75,000 annually including commissions. Add to these costs the supervisory and management expenses, the cost of high turnover, and the discipline required to manage each function.

  • Create Performance Metrics:

    The inside sales telephone prospecting function must be run with the discipline of a professional call center. Successful Lead Generation requires a consistent commitment to a set of measurable metrics such as number of calls per hour, number of quality leads per week and quality assurance metrics. Advanced call center technology is required to improve sales productivity and provide necessary management information reports.

Sales Lead Generation solutions deliver a comprehensive structured sales process tightly integrated with email marketing campaigns minimizing risk and delivering the following benefits:

  • Performance Based Pricing ensuring a Return on Investment
  • Scalable, Predictable Increases in the Sales Pipeline
  • Reduced Customer Acquisition Costs
  • Increased Productivity of Sales & Marketing Staff
  • Integration of Marketing Automation with outbound Sales Lead Generation creating a Closed Loop Sales Process

CSO Insights research documented companies that have mature sales lead generation practices have a 9.3% percent higher sales quota achievement rate and 7% higher sales win rate than those who do not.

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