Within the past 10-12 years there has been a remarkable renovation within marketing. Buyers can now have the control of how and when they access information within the purchasing process. In the midst of this, marketers have to work with tight budgets and communicate with buyers through many different channels. Despite the challenges that arise, new opportunities are also beginning to show up as well for marketers. At this point in time, the modern marketer is being viewed as a revenue driver and no longer has the backseat in decisions.

You may be asking now where your business needs to start in order to keep up with this pace of change. The modern marketer has been newly defined and implementing this new definition takes the right people and the right process.

Here are a few elements that define the modern marketer:
• Have a Buyer-centric approach
• Accountable for revenue
• Automate processes
• Collaborate with sales at new levels
• Measure against new metrics

As I said before, transforming into this type of marketer takes not only you, but also your whole team and those you effect.

Your Team

The buyer’s journey is now going to be the new focus for everyone starting with your marketing team. Traditional metrics, like number trade show leads or number of click-thru’s should still be rewarded within the team, but it is the new goals you should push for. An example of a new goal would be marketing’s contribution to pipeline.

Another addition to add to your team is new skills that involve looking at data and analytics to help formulate more informed decisions for continual improvement.

Changing up your content will also bring about transformation to your team. This content should focus around attractive content that will help move customers through the purchase process.

Your Process
Nurturing prospects that are further down the tunnel becomes a key element in adapting your modern market techniques. Lead-revenue- management starts when you can implement lead nurturing into your process. Measuring and keeping track of your progress at relevant points…..

Chelsea Jensen, Prospectr Marketing