By Shannon GinsbergIMG_0362IMG_0362

Deliverability is up at Prospectr, thanks to our new software and everyone’s hard work.

My experience working at other companies with upgrading software and system implementation has been accompanied by headaches, heartache and belly aches from the pizza and junk food. Long hours and bloodshot eyeballs are a result of when you can’t leave until the project is done.

Our flexible team has a unique ability to learn quickly and communicate effectively, with a lot of camaraderie-we did it! We brought in Naked Juice, Chipotle and put the Keurig to the test…lots of caffeine drinks. Within 2 weeks, after testing, loading data and applying some creative edits- we are all loaded and ready for action. I’m still in awe of the people at Prospectr and how everyone kept a positive attitude, aligned skills according to task and worked together to make it easy to launch campaigns. The upgraded software that is now in place is turned on and is a huge success in so many ways.

Why did we do it? Deliverability is #1 for client benefits.

eg: I launched 3 new email nurturing campaigns for clients in multiple lines of business. One is a cleaning service, one is video conferencing and the last is a voice survey solution. Each of the new campaigns had leads in the first hour after sending our lead generation message!

I’m really looking forward to this new efficiency and spending more time on the phone talking with Prospectr partners.